• 20 Jun 2003
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Eyes turn to the US, where tragedy strikes at the heart of New York and foreign policy decisions send shockwaves throughout the world.  Read of the decade's defining events and our predictions for the future.

January 5E-bonds come of age with Freddie Mac's $6bn transaction lead managed by Merrill Lynch, Salomon Smith Barney and Warburg Dillon Read
March 10Nasdaq peaks at 5,132.
March 24Nasdaq starts 50% fall between end of March and May. Marks the end of the TMT boom
May 4I Love You computer virus causes havoc all over the world
June 26Draft of complete human genome produced
June 29Deutsche Telekom shatters records with a $14.6bn multi-tranche bond via Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. The issue wins EuroWeek's deal of 2000, a year dominated by telecoms
July 25Concorde crashes in Paris
September 13Freddie launches EuroReference Notes
September 25Opposition victory in Serbian election annulled by Slobodan Milosevic
October 5Milosevic regime toppled
October 12USS Cole bombed by Islamic fundamentalists during visit to Yemen
December 13George W Bush appointed US president after a controversial election
March 15Foot and mouth epidemic in the UK
April 2US spy plane collides with a Chinese jet. US crew detained for 11 days
June 11Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh executed
June 19Syrian forces evacuate Beirut after years of occupation
September 11Islamic terrorists fly two planes into the World Trade Centre, one into the Pentagon and one into Pennyslavania countryside. World Trade Centre towers destroyed. Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda blamed
September 14Freddie Mac gets the market back on its feet with $5bn of two year Reference Notes. Follows up with a $5bn 10 year Note on September 17.
September 19Innogy launches first European corporate bond since 9/11 tragedy.
October 5Anthrax scares across the US
October 7US and UK forces launch bombing campaign against the Taliban government and al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Afghanistan
December 2Enron files for bankruptcy
December 9Taliban government in Afghanistan collapses
January 1Single European currency introduced in 11 of the 15 EU member states
January 24President Bush delivers his "Axis of Evil" speech, lumping together Iran, Iraq and North Korea
March 13Robert Mugabe wins rigged general election in Zimbabwe
April 3Israeli tanks and warplanes attack West Bank towns of Nablus, Jenin and Bethelehem in response to suicide attacks
April 26EuroWeek turns 15
July 21WorldCom files for bankruptcy in the biggest corporate failure in US history
September 12President Bush calls for regime change in Iraq
October 12Bali bomb, blamed on al-Qaeda, kills 202 people
October 23-26Chechen rebels take 763 hostages in Moscow theatre. Authorities send in special forces and gas the theatre, killing 116 hostages
January 10US deploys troops to Persian Gulf.
January 20France says it will not support immediate war in Iraq
February 1Columbia space shuttle explodes on re-entry
March 5France and Russia threaten veto resolution that calls for the use of force to disarm Iraq
March 15Sars virus strikes Asia
March 15Hu Jintao takes over as president of China's Communist party
March 19War in Iraq begins with air strikes that target Saddam Hussein
April 22Alan Greenspan appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve Board for fifth term
April 24IRA promises to disarm. Not everyone is convinced
April 28Wall Street firms settle with US regulators. They pay a $1.4bn fine
June 18EuroWeek publishes Celebration of Excellence, marking 40 years of the Euromarkets
February 29Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King wins Oscar for best film
March 25Fannie Mae launches euro benchmark
November 5IFC launches first Brazilan real global
November 7Bush wins elections and declares a judicial review of Roe vs Wade in return for support from the Penticostal Church in US
December 25North Korea and South Korea begin unification talks after leadership coup removes Kim Il-Song from office
February 14The US (and her allies) attack Iran
June 30Hello! magazine pays a record $50m for exclusive rights to the wedding photos of Justin Timberlake and Jenna Bush
October 4KfW issues first single tranche $10bn global
October 14Billy Jean Franks becomes first man to take part in Miss World competition after US Supreme Court ruling. The court rules that Franks should not be barred because he is "differently gendered"
December 31Number of European IPOs for the year passes 30 for the first time since 2000
January 1UK transfers Gibraltar sovereignty to Spain. Riots ensue
February 2Off-duty traffic policewoman finds Osama bin Laden hiding in Maine
March 10World Bank issues first 50 year global
June 1Gazprom announces $6bn profit
June 14IFC issues first Indian rupee foreign bond
September 2Chile joins ranks of Latin triple-A sovereigns
November 2Uzbekistan issues debut Eurobond - a well received $500m transaction lead managed by UBS Stanley, Deutsche Morgan and BofABarclays
January 1UK joins the euro
High street queues form as 3DTV is launched in Japan and UK
April 1Author JK Rowling voted world's most influential woman
May 1London copies New York's smoking ban. It fails miserably
May 4First democratic elections held in China
September 15Mobile phone implants available. They run on sonar power
December 18The Hobbit movie prequel to the Lord of the Rings is released after success of the LOTR trilogy
January 1EU president Tony Blair welcomes Turkey into the EU
April 1EU abolishes withholding tax
May 12General Motors unveils the world's first flying car
May 15World's first genetically modified baby born - parents can now choose sex, hair colour, eye colour, personality, etc.
July 19Prince William marries former popstar and chat show host Britney Spears
September 1Skin cancer becomes the world's biggest killer
November 7Colin Powell becomes first black president of the US, beating Hillary Clinton in landslide victory
March 1AIDS vaccine approved by the FDA
April 14Nano-technology crash begins with $6tr wiped off the nominal value of Nasdaq-listed stocks
July 1Last bank notes are printed in US as country begins to phase out paper bills in favour of electronic money
October 2Sponsorship deal sees Peru renamed Coca-Colia
November 20New Zealand declared unsafe due to hole in ozone layer

  • 20 Jun 2003

All International Bonds

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1 Citi 71,795.24 248 8.65%
2 JPMorgan 59,685.75 255 7.19%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 52,401.35 173 6.31%
4 Barclays 50,153.02 148 6.04%
5 Deutsche Bank 44,937.03 167 5.41%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

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1 Deutsche Bank 9,857.42 14 13.05%
2 SG Corporate & Investment Banking 7,833.35 12 10.37%
3 Goldman Sachs 5,773.27 11 7.65%
4 Citi 4,606.54 14 6.10%
5 BNP Paribas 4,132.76 19 5.47%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

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1 Goldman Sachs 2,546.04 12 11.21%
2 JPMorgan 1,732.54 10 7.63%
3 Credit Suisse 1,727.84 7 7.61%
4 Deutsche Bank 1,465.10 11 6.45%
5 Citi 1,285.41 7 5.66%