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Former UK prime minister, John Major, is the latest in a long line of senior public figures to sign up with The Carlyle Group. Major, who was prime minister between late 1990 and May 1997, becomes chairman of Carlyle Europe.

  • 11 May 2001
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Major, who has remained as an MP, is retiring from politics at the next election, June 7. Former prime ministers are traditionally appointed to the House of Lords. However, Major has indicated that he would not accept the honour if offered.

In 1987, Major, a Thatcher loyalist, became chief secretary to the Treasury. Two years later he was appointed foreign secretary, and in 1990 he was briefly chancellor of the exchequer, before succeeding Margaret Thatcher in the top job later that year.

His popularity rose after the UKÕs involvement in the Gulf War, but a year later he was badly damaged by withdrawal from the European exchange rate mechanism and by his initial reluctance to sack his chancellor, Norman (now Lord) Lamont. Policy divisions in MajorÕs own party undermined his authority. He beat off a leadership challenge in 1995, but was comfortably defeated by Tony Blair in the 1997 election.

Major's new role involves chairing Carlyle's European private equity funds, and their advisory boards and advising Carlyle's investment professionals throughout Europe. He also serves on the Asia advisory board.

* Two more analysts have joined the equity research department at BNP Paribas.

Jean-Christophe Lefebvre-Moulenq and Arnaud Pinatel cover the building materials sector. Lefebvre-Moulenq joins from Credit Lyonnais, where he was a senior analyst. Pinatel comes from Odd-Pinatton. They report to Jo Darlington, who heads European equity research.

They replace Andrew Melrose, who is to concentrate on running the UK research department.

  • 11 May 2001

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