• Reimagining Banking through Technology

    Technological innovation is dramatically disrupting society at every level, and financial services are no different. It is impossible to predict how technology will evolve, but the most successful banks will be the ones that adapt to become technology companies themselves, says Michael F. Spitz, CEO of Main Incubator, the research and development unit of Commerzbank.

  • Leveraging sales

    Leveraging sales

    Structured receivables finance is a distinct form of financing that enables companies to unlock capital tied up on their balance sheet relating to larger ticket receivables or contracts payable by their customers over time. Clients that use this structure view it as a key tool for management of liquidity and working capital, given such receivables are often less well suited to traditional forms of receivables financing, such as factoring or ABCP conduit funding

  • Three approaches to funding for European SMEs

    Three approaches to funding for European SMEs

    Since the global crisis, plenty has been written about banks paring back their lending activities and more stringent capital adequacy rules limiting funding opportunities, particularly for higher-risk borrowers such as smaller companies.

  • 10 Aspects of regulation every corporate board should know

    10 Aspects of regulation every corporate board should know

    The six years following the global credit crisis have seen a blizzard of financial regulation hit Europe and wider global markets. As the regulatory landscape starts to settle, we consider the regulatory facts of life that can help companies of all sizes negotiate this new terrain successfully.

  • 12 things every CFO should know about Equity Capital Markets

    12 things every CFO should know about Equity Capital Markets

    Macro and political headwinds make investors nervous. Uncertain market conditions have created a tough environment for anyone seeking to conduct an equity flotation or rights issue in Europe. Some recent high profile cancellations of equity transactions can also be attributed to poor planning or unrealistic expectations. So here are my thoughts on how a CFO can help keep an equity transaction on track — and more generally, keep a company’s shareholders on board.

  • The time to borrow

    The time to borrow

    As borrowing costs in Europe continue to hit historic lows, Dr Michael Kilka, Divisional Head Advisory at Commerzbank responsible for capital market coverage of large corporate and institutional clients, discusses the opportunities and challenges for corporate financing