Bad hair day? Worry no more
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Bad hair day? Worry no more

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What a relief! Hair salons in Hong Kong have finally reopened

I know it’s a trivial problem at a time when financial markets are on a rollercoaster, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine appears to have no end in sight, China’s property crisis takes a turn for the worse every day and Covid-19 case numbers are still at dauntingly high levels in many parts of Asia.

Yet, I cannot but help be excited for many of my friends about hair salons in Hong Kong finally reopening after a month of being closed due to Covid spikes in the city.

Now, I must admit that having a bad hair day is not a big problem for a retired man like myself. It's a long time since I had to suit up and look professional every day, although I still do make an extra effort when I head to Captain’s Bar.

Instead, my days are increasingly spent sitting on the sofa, watching Netflix and enjoying my whisky, while keeping an eye on stocks, bitcoin and the wild rides they are on.

It’s not the same, however, for those of my friends still working, still heading into the office every day, and still having face-to-face time with clients. As investment bankers, they have standards to meet — and hair that needs to be tamed.

With salons closed, getting a haircut had become a big problem for many.

So I can’t deny the creative ideas that the locals, and some of my banking friends, have come up with to make sure they remain presentable.

What did I see as I walked past a pet grooming shop the other day? A salon empty of pets, but with a young guy in a suit getting his hair cut by the pet groomer.

That certainly impressed me. I’ve never thought of comparing my hair to that of a poodle or a collie, but apparently pet groomers’ skills can be transferable to humans too.

The other option? One banker I know asked his hairdresser to come to his apartment, paying him double the usual rate for the extra effort.

Was it worth it? The chap certainly thought so, bragging about his new look over drinks — all while discreetly passing me the card of his hair stylist, with a far less discreet suggestion that I call them.

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