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By Graham Bippart
15 Sep 2015

Coping with globalisation

 “…Everyone take stiff drink, look at the balance on your 401k statement at the end of last month, and if that doesn’t tell you that markets are global I don’t know what does.”  –  Richard Johns, executive director, Structured Finance Industry Group

Sound familiar?

“That’s what they said about housing!” – audience member in response to renewable energy securitization panelists’ claims that energy prices are likely to keep rising.

Bonds twenty-two! Bonds twenty-two…Hike!

“If the Fed does hike, and interest rates rise and margins get compressed, banks will feel compelled to retain less of their loans – even if net origination is lower. That could actually help kickstart the resi MBS market.” – Adam Murphy, chief executive, Empirasign

Bubble, bubble, swirl and ripple

“It’s like my daughter named all of the conference rooms here.” – passing attendee on the Fontainebleau’s strange choice of names for conference rooms: Ripple, Splash, Flicker, Glimmer, Bubble, Whistle, Float, Breeze, Soar and Glide, among them.

By Graham Bippart
15 Sep 2015