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The GlobalCapital European Securitization Awards 2020: Call for Nominations

By Max Adams
04 Oct 2019

GlobalCapital is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the European Securitization Awards 2020.

The poll is open for the annual securitization awards, recognizing outstanding achievement in European structured finance markets over the past year.

The nominations period will close on Friday, November 29 at 11:59 GMT.

Please click here to begin the nominations survey.

In addition the nominations process, GlobalCapital will take pitches for winners in the categories of:

-          Best Securitization Bank of the Year

-          Portfolio Solutions Bank of the Year

-          Best Securitization Deal of the Year

If your institution is interested in pitching for these awards, please contact securitization editor Max Adams at or credit editor Owen Sanderson at

Presentations for pitches can be tailored to whatever activity and accomplishments you would most like to highlight. However, when thinking about the pitch, institutions should emphasize themes of innovation, skill in navigating the markets and service to clients, in addition to harder metrics such as deal size, volume and reach with investors.

Winners are picked by GlobalCapital’s editorial team.

Thank you for your participation. Please see below for the full list of categories.

1)      ABS Bank of the Year

2)      Commercial Real Estate Finance Bank of the Year (includes CMBS)

3)      RMBS Bank of the Year

4)      Corporate Securitization and Financing Bank of the Year

5)      CLO Arranging Bank of the Year

6)      Secondary ABS/RMBS Trading House of the Year

7)      Secondary CLO Trading House of the Year

8)      Securitization Research House of the Year

9)      Securitization Brokerage of the Year

10)   Securitization Investor of the Year – Senior

11)   Securitization Investor of the Year – Junior

12)   Debut Securitization Issuer of the Year

13)   ABS Issuer of the Year

14)   RMBS Issuer of the Year

15)   CMBS Issuer of the Year

16)   CLO Manager of the Year

17)   Portfolio Buyer of the Year

18)   Consumer Securitization Law Firm of the Year

19)   CMBS Law Firm of the Year

20)   RMBS Law Firm of the Year

21)   CLO Law Firm of the Year

22)   Securitization Data Provider of the Year

23)   Securitization Accounting Firm of the Year

24)   Securitization Rating Agency of the Year

25)   Securitization Trustee of the Year

26)   ABS Deal of the Year

27)   RMBS Deal of the Year

28)   CMBS Deal of the Year

29)   CLO Deal of the Year
By Max Adams
04 Oct 2019