Rating Game (Aug. 24 - Aug. 30)

  • 02 Sep 2001
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Moody's Investors Service
American Lawyer Media Holdings Inc. Sr. Unscd. Caa1 Caa3
American Lawyer Media Inc. Sr. Unscd. B2 B3
Heafner Tire Group Inc. Sr. Unscd. B3 Caa2
Metromedia Fiber Network Inc. Sr. Unscd. Caa1 Caa3
Adelphia Business Solutions Sr. Scd. B3 Caa2
Adelphia Business Solutions Sr. Unscd. B3 Caa2
Adelphia Business Solutions Sr. Sub. Caa1 Caa3
Anchor Glass Container Corp. Sr. Unscd. Caa2 C
The Holmes Group Inc. Sr. Sub. B3 Caa2
The Holmes Group Inc. Backed Sr. Sub. B3 Caa2
Precision Partners Inc. Sr. Sub. Caa2 Ca
Kelda Group plc Sr. Unscd. A2 A3
Kelda Group plc Backed Sr. Unscd. A1 A2
Mattress Discounters Corp. Sr. Unscd. B3 Caa3
Saks Inc. Sr. Unscd. Ba1 Ba2
Enitel ASA Sr. Unscd. Caa3 C
Hynix Semiconductor Manufacturing America Inc. Backed Sr. Unscd. B2 Caa1
Panda-Rosemary Funding Corp. Backed Sr. Scd. Baa3 Ba2
The Earthgrains Company Sr. Unscd. Baa2 A3
Government of Dominican Republic Sr. Unscd. B1 Ba2
Pacifica Papers Inc. Sr. Unscd. B1 Ba2
Weight Watchers Intl. Inc. Sr. Sub. B2 Ba3
William Lyon Homes Sr. Unscd. Caa3 Caa1
Gen Tek Sr. Scd. BB BB-
Gen Tek Sr. Sub. B+ B-
Hamilton Bancorp, Inc. Sr. Debt B CCC
Hamilton Bank, NA Sr. Debt B CCC
Williams Communications Group Sr. Unscd. BB- CCC+
Williams Communications Group Sr. Scd. BB B

  • 02 Sep 2001

GlobalCapital European securitization league table

Rank Lead Manager/Arranger Total Volume $m No. of Deals Share % by Volume
1 Citi 3,237 10 19.12
2 Goldman Sachs 2,096 5 12.39
3 Morgan Stanley 1,965 5 11.61
4 BNP Paribas 1,686 6 9.96
5 Barclays 1,565 4 9.25

Bookrunners of Global Structured Finance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 33,499.81 106 11.84%
2 JPMorgan 26,026.16 75 9.20%
3 Wells Fargo Securities 25,325.15 70 8.95%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 23,157.33 74 8.18%
5 Barclays 17,494.57 59 6.18%