Rating Game (Jan. 19 - Jan. 25)

  • 28 Jan 2001
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Time Warner Inc. & Time Warner sr. unsec. debt BBB BBB+
Alabama Power Co. sr. sec. debt AA- A+
sr. unsec. debt A+ A
Comdisco, Inc. sr. debt rating BBB+ BBB
Delta Financial Corp. sr. sec. notes CCC+ CC
GreenPoint Bank long-term dep. obl. A- BBB+
sr. bank notes BBB+ BBB
sub. bank notes BBB BBB-
GreenPoint Financial Corp. sr. debt BBB+ BBB
Gulf Power Co. sr. sec. debt AA- A+
sr. unsec. debt A+ A
Juniper Generation LLC sr. sec. bonds BBB- CC
Medallion Funding Corp. sr. sec. debt BBB BB+
DePfa-Bank Europe sr. unsec., backed sr. unsec., backed sr. unsec. MTN A1 Aa3
Gothic Production Corporation backed sr. sec. B3 B1
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons backed sub. Ba2 Baa3
Keebler Foods Compnay sr. sub. Ba2 Baa3
King Pharmaceuticals sr. sub. B3 B1
Northeast Utilities sr. unsec. Ba1 Baa3
Ocean Energy sr. unsec. Ba1 Baa3
Ocean Energy sr. sub. Ba3 Ba1
Seagram Company sr. unsec. Baa3 Baa2
Seagull Energy Corporation backed sr. unsec. Ba1 Baa3
Seagull Energy Corporation backed sr. sub. Ba3 Ba1
American Home Products Corporation sr. unsec. A2 A3
American Pacific Coproation sr. unsec. B1 B2
AP Holidngs sr. unsec. Caa2 Ca
APCOA sr. sub. Caa1 Caa2
Archibald Candy Corporation sr. sec. B3 Caa2
BTI Telecom sr. unsec. B3 Caa1
CapStar Hotel Company backed sr. sub. Ba3 B1
Central Garden & Pet Company sub. B2 B3
CF Cable TV backed sr. sec. Ba1 Ba3
Dana Corporation sr. unsec. Baa2 Baa3
Dana Credit Corporation backed sr. unsec. MTN Baa2 Baa3
Dolphin Telecom sr. unsec. Caa2 Caa3
Edison Mission Energy sr. unsec. Baa1 Baa3
FINOVA Capital Corporation sr. unsec., sr. unsec.MTN Caa1 Caa2
FINOVA Group sub. Ca C
FRD Acquisition sr. unsec. Caa1 Caa3
Holt Group sr. unsec. Caa3 C
J.B. Hunt Transport Services sr. unsec. Baa2 Baa3
Kellogg Company sr. unsec. Aa2 Baa2
Keystone Consolidated Industries sr. sec. B3 Caa3
Lend Lease Finance backed sr. unsec., backed sr. unsec. MTN A3 Baa2
Lucent Technolgoies sr. unsec., sr. unsec. MTN A3 Baa1
Masco Corporation sr. unsec. A3 Baa1
MeriStar Hospitality sr. sub. Ba3 B1
Midwest Generation backed sr. sec. Baa1 Baa3
Pacific Aerospace & Electronics sr. sub. Ca C
Royal Carribean Cruises sr. unsec. Baa2 Baa3
Southwestern Energy Company sr. unsec., sr. unsec. MTN Baa2 Baa3
Videotron Ltee sr. unsec. Baa3 Ba3
Chesapeake Energy Corp. notes, sr. notes B B+
conv. pfd. stock D B-
DevX Energy, Inc. sr. notes CCC+ B
USGen New England, Inc. pass-thru certs. BBB- BBB
  • 28 Jan 2001

GlobalCapital European securitization league table

Rank Lead Manager/Arranger Share % by Volume
1 Societe Generale 41.30
2 Rabobank 35.35
3 Morgan Stanley 11.45
4 BNP Paribas 5.95
4 Credit Agricole 5.95

Bookrunners of Global Structured Finance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 16 Jan 2017
1 SG Corporate & Investment Banking 1,260.06 2 126,006,164,037.19%
2 Rabobank 1,081.86 1 108,185,922,974.77%
3 Wells Fargo Securities 430.57 1 43,057,020,785.00%
4 SK Securities 192.86 1 19,286,162,593.99%
4 Meritz Financial Group Inc 192.86 1 19,286,162,593.99%