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Rating Game (JAN. 12 -- JAN. 18)

21 Jan 2001

Edison Funding Co. sr. debt CCC CC
Edison International sr. unsec. debt CCC CC
pfd. secs. CC C
Medallion Funding Corp sr. sec. debt BBB BB+
Pacific Gas and Electric Company pfd. secs. CC C
Southern California Edison sr. unsec. debt CCC CC
pfd. secs. CC C
5.875 % due 1/16/01 CCC D
Charles River Laboratories backed sr. sub. B3 B2
Legrand sr. unsec. A3 A2
Air Canada sr. unsec. Ba3 B1
Air Canada sub. B2 B3
Bayan Telecommunications sr. unsec. Caa2 Ca
Burlington Industries sr. unsec. B1 Caa2
Edison International sr. unsec. Baa3 Caa3
Edison International sub. Ba1 Ca
SCE Capital backed sr. unsec. Baa3 Caa3
Southern California Edison Company sr. unsec. Baa3 Caa2
Southern California Edison Company jr. sub. Ba1 Caa3
Telenor Communication sr. unsec., sr. unsec. MTN Aa2 A2
Telenor Communication sub. Aa2 A3
America Online Inc. conv. sub. notes, zero-cpn. conv. sub notes BB- BBB
Battle Mountain Gold Co. notes BB- BBB
6% notes B BBB-
conv. pfd. stock B- BB+
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. conv. sub. notes B B+
Gregg Cnty. Hsg. Fin. Corp. multi-fam. hsg. rev. rfdg. bonds AA- AA
Premier Parks Operations Inc. sr. notes B B+
Six Flags Entertainment Corp. sr. notes B- B
Six Flags Inc. sr. notes, sr. disc. notes B- B
Southwest Airlines Co. debs., notes, pass-thru certs., equip. tr. certs. A- A
Time Warner Capital I pfd. trust secs. BB+ BBB-
Time Warner Cos. Inc. debs., sr. debs., disc. dfrd. debs., notes, sr. notes,
pass-thru asset trust secs. BBB BBB+
Time Warner Entertainment Co. L.P. sr. debs., sr. notes BBB BBB+
Time Warner Inc. debs. BBB BBB+
Turner Broadcasting System Inc. sr. debs., sr. notes BBB BBB+
Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. notes B D
Arte Grafico Editorial Argentino S.A. sr. unsec. MTNs BBB- BB+
BTI Telecom Corp. sr. notes B CCC-
Bayan Telecommunications Inc. notes CCC D
CableVision S.A. notes, MTNs, sr. unsec. MTNs BB BB-
Chiquita Brands International Inc. sr. notes CCC+ D
sr. notes CCC+ C
conv. sub. debs. CCC C
Classic Cable Inc. sr. sub. notes CCC+ CCC-
Compania de Radiocomunicaciones Moviles S.A. MTNs, sr. unsec. MTNs BBB- BB+
Compania de Transporte de Energia Electrica en Alta Tension
Davis Industries var. rate taxable dem. notes A+ A
Edison Funding Co. sr. unsec. MTNs BBB- CC
Edison International notes, fltg. rate notes BB+ C
Edison Mission Capital MIPS BBB BB
Edison Mission Energy notes, sr. notes A- BBB-
Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd. conv. pfd. stock CC D
Globalstar, L.P. sr. notes CCC D
Holt Group, Inc. (The) notes CC D
Koninklijke KPN N.V. notes, fltg. rate notes, sr. unsec. MTNs A- BBB+
sub. MTNs BBB+ BBB
Leslie's Poolmart Inc. sr. notes B+ B-
Lukens Inc. notes, sr. unsec. MTNs BB- B+
Metrogas S.A. notes, sr. unsec. notes BBB- BB+
Midwest Funding LLC sr. sec. notes BBB BBB-
Midwest Generation LLC pass-thru certs. A- BBB-
Multicanal S.A. notes, MTNs, sr. unsec. MTNs BB BB-
Nordstrom Credit Inc. sf. debs. A A-
Nordstrom Inc. sr. debs., notes, sr. unsec. notes A A-
NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. sr. notes CCC- D
Pacific Aerospace & Electronics Inc. sr. sub. notes CC C
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 1st mtg. bonds, 1st & rfdg. mtg bonds BBB CCC
notes BBB- CC
Pecom Energia S.A. notes, MTNs, sr. unsec. MTNs BBB- BB+
RSL Communications Ltd. conv. pfd. stock CC C
Sideco Americana S.A. notes B+ B
Southern California Edison Co. 1st. mtg. bonds, var. rate notes BBB- CC
notes, 1st. & rfdg. mtg. bonds CC D
Telenor AS bonds, notes, sr. unsec. MTNs AA A
21 Jan 2001