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  • Cyprus’s game-changer: the Mighty Aphrodite

    The discovery of the Aphrodite gas field in Cypriot waters has led many to believe that the potentially huge gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean could transform Cyprus’s economy.

    • 27 Mar 2017
  • Cyprus — building bridges, not walls

    The choice of Cyprus as a location for this year’s EBRD meeting will help to strengthen the fast-improving perception of the island among international investors. It will also help to put the potential of the Turkish-Cypriot economy on the map, with the EBRD planning to host two meetings north of the Green Line in Nicosia

    • 07 Mar 2017
  • Cypriot economy surprises on the upside

    The durability of the economic platform that Cyprus has built since the financial crisis suggests that sustainable growth is well within its grasp, says finance minister Harris Georgiades.

    • 22 Feb 2017

  • 'Deutsche Bank could learn from us' - Ukraine hails reform agenda

    The deputy governor of the central bank of Ukraine said that Deutsche Bank could learn from its achievements in stamping out corruption, overcapacity and inefficiencies. Dmytro Sologub also tells GlobalMarkets how he reduced inflation from 43% last year to 12% this year

    • 09 Oct 2016
  • Global tightening threatens Africa investment push

    Countries like Ghana now have sovereign bond spreads above 1,300bp — just one example of the tightening financial conditions that is making it hard for African nations to raise money to fund much-needed investments, policymakers have told GlobalMarkets

    • 08 Oct 2016
  • Philippines declares itself 'open for business' to China

    The Philippines' finance minister Carlos Dominguez tells GlobalMarkets how he plans to "rebalance" its relationship with China and carry out extensive economic reforms to attract foreign investment

    • 08 Oct 2016
  • Brics bank carves 100% green niche with first loan rollout

    The vice-president of the New Development Bank, Paulo Nogueira Batista Junior, tells GlobalMarkets how his institution is lending on projects and issuing green bonds in line with the increasing concern with environmental issues

    • 09 Oct 2016

  • VTB first on the block as Russia embarks on mass state sell-off

    Russia is to put four large state-owned companies up for sale as it rushes to refill its reserves. Deputy finance minister Sergei Storchak also tells GlobalMarkets that the country will more than double its capital-raising capacity in 2017

    • 09 Oct 2016
  • Alain Bifani: 'Lebanon's economy will not be derailed'

    Alain Bifani, director general of Lebanon’s finance ministry, tells GlobalMarkets that he is about to launch a big infrastructure drive as a way of coping with the many challenges his country is facing as a result of the civil war that has engulfed neighbouring Syria since 2011 and forced ore than 1.5 million Syrian refugees to cross the border into Lebanon

    • 08 Oct 2016

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"I think the Europeans are dragging things"
Christine Lagarde, IMF Read full article 


  • Goldfajn takes up the fight to revive Brazil

    After two years of a crippling recession and a devastating political crisis that reached its climax with Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment in August, the new governor of the Brazilian central bank tells GlobalMarkets: “We have regained hope.” But how long will it take before the LatAm giant is back on its feet?

    • 04 Oct 2016
  • Goodbye Great Britain

    The last round of IMF lending to developed market countries (before the European sovereign crisis) was 40 years ago — when Britain was locked out of the capital markets and had to go cap in hand to the Fund

    • 04 Oct 2016
  • Credit check: World Bank chief’s five year challenge after election rumpus

    Jim Yong Kim faces a challenge in driving through his reform agenda in his second term amid criticism of his performance so far — and of the election system that handed him another five years in the top job

    • 04 Oct 2016
  • Back to the future as IMF shrugs off Greek debacle to focus on EMs

    The IMF’s independent watchdog gave the fund a strongly worded rebuke over its handling of the eurozone crisis. But analysts doubt this will change the way it deals with the stream of emerging markets beating a path to its door for help

    • 03 Oct 2016
  • String theory: fiscal boosts back in fashion

    Continued anaemic levels of economic growth after eight years of rate cuts and unconventional monetary policy have triggered calls for a new round of Keynesian fiscal stimulus. But is there a danger of another debt crisis?

    • 04 Oct 2016
  • The debit and credit sides of fintech's African bank statement

    A $200,000 fraud at a Ugandan microfinance outfit is a telling parable of the risks that financial technology companies face in seeking to deliver the benefits that its supporters have long claimed for the industry

    • 03 Oct 2016

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