AfDB in the news

  • AfDB USD2bn 2.625% Mar 21

    • 15 Mar 2018
  • SSAs rush in where others fear to tread

    The widening of the dollar Libor/Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) spread may be one of the biggest talking points in bond markets but it is wrenching open funding opportunities for public sector borrowers. The accompanying widening in dollar swap spreads led two issuers to break new issue records, writes Craig McGlashan.

    • 15 Mar 2018
  • Supra adds to funding team

    A Washington supranational has added a capital markets veteran to its funding team.

    • 15 Mar 2018
  • AfDB impresses with sub-Libor dollar threes as swap spreads rise

    The African Development Bank was awash with superlatives from SSA bankers watching on jealously as it printed a $2bn March 2021 global through mid-swaps on Wednesday. The supranational — like other SSAs in dollars this week — benefited from widening swap spreads that some analysts believe have further to go.

    • 14 Mar 2018
  • AfDB up next as investors pour into dollar books

    Public sector borrowers found buckets of dollar demand on Tuesday, as a French agency sold its largest ever benchmark in the currency and a supranational printed a trade at the upper end of its historical size range. Another supra is lined up to test whether that demand will hold on Wednesday.

    • 13 Mar 2018
  • Funding scorecard: supranationals

    This week's scorecard reveals how far progressed supranationals are in their 2018 funding plans as we hit the middle of February.

    • 16 Feb 2018
  • Long-end interest strong for Aussie dollars

    Rates in Australian dollars are compelling compared to most currencies, which has aided long-end demand and allowed for a bumper outing by a supranational this week.

    • 08 Feb 2018
  • SSA trio tap hot Swedish krona mart

    Demand for SRI bonds and favourable basis swaps are boosting the Swedish krona market for SSAs, despite concerns late last year that the Swedish central bank’s tightening monetary policy and the krona’s appreciation against the dollar could stifle issuance. The European Investment Bank, Nordic Investment Bank and African Development Bank all came at the long end of the krona curve this week.

    • 25 Jan 2018
  • Japanese banks back coal links between Japan and Africa

    Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and a syndicate of lenders have provided a $2.73bn loan to finance the construction of a railway and upgrade a port in Mozambique, which will ensure the long term supply of coal to Japan from the African country.

    • 30 Nov 2017
  • AIIB swoops on fellow supra to add to treasury team

    The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has added another name to its growing treasury team, with the hire again coming from a fellow supranational issuer.

    • 27 Nov 2017
  • Investors snap up social bond triple

    The social bond market — though still nascent — is rapidly gaining momentum. Three public sector issuers made their debuts in the market this week, all of which met with enthusiastic approval from Europe’s community of dedicated socially responsible investors.

    • 16 Nov 2017
  • SSAs launch triple header social bond extravaganza

    Three issuers launched social bonds on the same day on Tuesday, which is likely a first for the SSA market. They raised a combined €1.5bn across five, seven and 10 years, with two of the deals managing to make dramatic moves in pricing thanks to what one banker called "superb conditions".

    • 14 Nov 2017
  • SSA dollar demand to last all week

    The SSA dollar juggernaut is set to roll into a third day, with two deals on screens for Thursday’s business. Investor appetite shows no sign of letting up, as the two deals priced on Wednesday drew large books — as was seen with a host of trades a day earlier.

    • 08 Nov 2017
  • Investors lap up SSA dollar deluge

    Public sector borrowers have crammed more dollar deals into Tuesday than are sometimes seen in a week. But far from suffering from too much choice, investors gobbled up everything on offer — and bankers expect them to do just the same for two deals on Wednesday’s menu.

    • 07 Nov 2017
  • BNG scoops up sustainable funding as CDP joins queue

    Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG) launched its fourth sustainability bond on Thursday, printing €750m into what one head of DCM away from the trade called a “massively oversubscribed book”, in what is likely a good omen for the approaching wave of SRI borrowing.

    • 02 Nov 2017
  • AfDB taps rare long end green Aussie dollar bond

    African Development Bank (AfDB) has reopened a rare long end green Kangaroo bond. Long end Kangaroos are often considered difficult to place as those deals are primarily driven by interest from Japan and are too long for most investors.

    • 01 Nov 2017
  • Funding scorecard: supranationals

    This week's scorecard looks at the funding progress various supranationals have made in their programmes as the end of the year approaches.

    • 27 Oct 2017
  • Four SSAs tap Kanga 10s

    Three European agencies and a Washington supranational tapped 10 year Australian dollar bonds this week, as the demand for long end Kangaroo paper remains healthy.

    • 26 Oct 2017
  • Multilaterals urged to speed up to stay relevant in crowded world

    In a series of interviews with GlobalMarkets, multilateral development chiefs set out their vision to become faster institutions that work with the private sector to deliver development finance more effectively

    • 14 Oct 2017
  • AfDB readies social debut as DBJ scores big with SRI bond

    The African Development Bank (AfDB) said that it intends to enter the social bond market and will be roadshowing its social bond framework beginning October 19, it said this week.

    • 12 Oct 2017

Dealer League Table AfDB

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Barclays 613.37 2 17.51%
2 Credit Agricole CIB 488.15 2 13.93%
3 Natixis 427.15 1 12.19%
3 JPMorgan 427.15 1 12.19%
3 Citi 427.15 1 12.19%

European Sovereign Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount €m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 9,037.14 14 11.41%
2 JPMorgan 8,815.28 11 11.13%
3 Barclays 8,460.40 10 10.68%
4 NatWest Markets 5,400.28 4 6.82%
5 HSBC 5,128.43 7 6.48%

Dollar Denominated SSA (Excl US Agency)

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 18,268.02 38 12.57%
2 HSBC 15,111.64 30 10.40%
3 JPMorgan 13,565.35 31 9.33%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 12,557.35 32 8.64%
5 Goldman Sachs 10,166.52 20 6.99%

Bookrunners of Euro Denominated SSA (Excl US Agency)

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Barclays 15,669.11 22 8.99%
2 JPMorgan 14,386.59 23 8.25%
3 Citi 12,722.25 33 7.30%
4 HSBC 11,675.81 35 6.70%
5 Credit Agricole CIB 10,811.51 20 6.20%

Bookrunners of Global SSA (Excl US Agency)

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 35,710.57 105 8.45%
2 JPMorgan 34,032.57 140 8.05%
3 HSBC 30,784.62 97 7.29%
4 Barclays 26,432.94 62 6.26%
5 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 20,818.61 58 4.93%