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  • Corporate brokers aim for returns over glory

    The land-grab for blue-chip accounts has been replaced by a more targeted approach as corporate brokers look to forge relationships that will be both long-term and highly remunerative. David Rothnie reports.

  • Canada’s borrowers enjoy solid demand in volatile world

    Canada’s low debt to GDP ratio and stable politics have made it a haven in a turbulent era in global politics. But, with fears of a wave of protectionism growing, the trade-focused country faces problems ahead. However, with its fiscal stimulus programme an example to other nations wishing to promote growth, Canada’s borrowers are confident they can adapt and prosper in the new political reality. GlobalCapital hosted this roundtable in early December.

  • Financial Institutions Infographics

    The creation of senior non-preferred debt in France means the country’s financial institutions can really start to build their loss-absorbing debt levels towards their requirements for total loss-absorbing capacity (TLAC) rules and Europe’s minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities. But how much does each bank need to issue over the coming years? Since October 2014 the European Central Bank has been steadily buying more securities eligible for its covered bond purchase programme, helping issuers command much tighter pricing for new transactions. The resulting change in distribution by covered bond investor type has been stark. Real money investors — including asset managers and investors — have been squeezed out in the new pricing environment, while central banks have ramped up their purchases.

  • Public Sector Borrowers Infographics

    In a year where the unexpected became the norm, one of the few constants was the ECB’s presence in the eurozone sovereign bond market — you can see the monthly pace of Mario Draghi’s purchases. Elsewhere, the shock election of Donald Trump as US president and the Brexit vote took its toll on government bond yields and sterling’s level against the dollar.

  • The GlobalCapital DCM poll

    GlobalCapital’s Toby Fildes interviewed the heads of debt capital markets at 20 of the top 25 banks in late November and December, to ask their views on how the market will evolve in 2017. Here are their thoughts. Information design Jon Hay, Sam Medway.

  • Betting on a risky year

    Toby Fildes looks ahead to an even bumpier ride in 2017 when Fed rate rises might be the least of the global capital market’s worries.