• Investors hunt EM havens

    The great emerging markets bull run has hit a stumbling block. Many investors will take talk of a slowdown in global growth as a signal to flood into government bond markets, hoping to front run a scramble for quality and secure some capital appreciation. But for those who still have ambitions to secure higher yields than are available in developed markets — or those with an EM specific mandate — the hunt is on for credits that will outperform the rest of the EM asset class.

    22 Aug 2019
  • UBS AT1 surprise lays open Kanga possibilities

    Market participants expect more banks will now want to print Kangaroos after investors on a search for yield poured into UBS's additional tier one (AT1) deal on Tuesday. The syndication, which surprised those involved after it managed to shave 75bp off its initial pricing guidance and attract A$4bn ($2.71bn) of orders, suggested a market ripe for a deal spree.

    22 Aug 2019
  • New era for bond pricing as corporates, banks push deeply negative

    Europe's bond market reopened for the autumn issuance season this week — but it is a new bond market. The summer's queasy bout of bearishness has pushed government bond yields to unprecedented lows and these are now for the first time being tested as a platform for private sector bond issuance.

    22 Aug 2019
  • Agents carp over PP minnows nibbling at business

    Agents active in private debt markets in the UK are growing increasingly frustrated by a crop of advisory firms muscling in on their market share, often arranging deals without the need an investment bank. Some bankers allege that advisory firms don’t have the capacity to price deals effectively, and also that some do not have appropriate regulatory cover from the US regulators to pitch investors their legally.

    • 04:30 PM
  • Recession and political fears make ECM execution difficult

    The return of heightened market volatility this summer has cast a shadow over final few months of 2019 for equity capital markets. Investors are weighing up whether to buy new deals in at a time of heightened geopolitical risk and deteriorating macroeconomic conditions.

    • 05:00 PM



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  • Georgieva looks shoe-in for IMF job amid no-show by rivals

    Europe’s candidate to take over as the next head of the International Monetary Fund received a boost this week after the body’s executive board called for the age limit to be raised and hopes receded of a rival candidate stepping forward.

    • 04:45 PM
  • ECB relaxes timeline for NPL flow, in line with CRR

    The European Central Bank is giving banks more time to provision for recently classified non-performing exposures, bringing its expectations into line with the EU’s new Capital Requirements Regulation.

    • 11:30 AM
  • CLSA boosts debt team with senior hires

    CLSA, the international arm of China’s Citic Securities, has recently made three senior hires in its global debt financing team.

    • 10:15 AM



  • China’s LPR is good for onshore market, but makes offshore lending tougher

    China introduced its new benchmark rate, the loan prime rate (LPR), over the weekend, with the first rate published on Tuesday. The reform, which aims to help companies lower their funding costs, is likely to boost the onshore market but will make the already slow offshore market even more difficult.

    • 21 Aug 2019
  • Sanctions could kick-start Russian bond market

    Sanctions on a country’s sovereign debt do not typically herald a windfall of fee-earning bond market business in that country, but Russia may prove an exception. If the sovereign distorts prices in the domestic market, Russian corporates and banks may look to the international market to borrow instead.

    • 20 Aug 2019

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  • The bear hiding in plain sight

    At first glance, 2019 has looked a great year for equity markets — perhaps one might even call it a bull market. Almost all major indices have posted double-digit returns after a brutal sell-off at the end of last year. However, things look a lot more bearish upon closer inspection.

    • 05:45 PM
  • This is the end for new issue premiums

    How can capital markets professionals talk about new issue premiums when it is becoming normal for issuers to price bonds at negative yields?

    • 01:00 PM

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