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  • Crisis Talk — with VW's treasurer: how to cope without revenue

    Volkswagen is one of the world’s biggest car companies and, in many years, Europe’s biggest corporate bond issuer. But being an A3/BBB+ rated credit with a strong following in the market does not guarantee you can refinance a €200bn debt load when a pandemic shuts down nearly all the world’s developed economies.

  • Clock ticking for Codere as it defers Thursday coupon payment

    Spanish gaming company Codere will miss a coupon payment due on Thursday, hoping that the 30 day grace period in its bond documents will give it time to find at least €100m of emergency financing to get it through the liquidity crunch.

  • Coronavirus intensifies thirst for new responsible capitalism

    The Covid-19 pandemic is an ESG issue. More than ever before, a natural phenomenon is driving markets. Suddenly, social responsibility is no longer kooky but required of all. How are responsible investors reacting — and can the crisis lead to a better model of financial markets, where all stakeholders are considered?

  • UK seeks to shelter retailers from rent collection

    The UK government unveiled proposals last week meant to protect retailers from liquidation if the coronavirus lockdown results in them being unable to pay rent. Landlords already bloodied and bruised from years of tenants negotiating debt writedowns, are next in line though if rental cashflows cease.

  • Merlin gains blessed relief with first European 'corona claw' bond

    Merlin Entertainments, the private equity-backed owner of attractions like Madame Tussauds and Legoland which is struggling to stay afloat, launched a senior secured high yield bond on Friday, which raised €500m after a strong reception from investors.

  • Punch asks bondholders to look at last year's figures when assessing debt

    UK pub companies with secured debt structures are asking bondholders to waive covenants and suspend potential enforcement action, as the government-mandated shutdown continues. Bondholders in Punch Taverns Finance B are being asked to feed last year's figures into covenant calculations while the lockdown is in force, in a potential model for the other pub companies struggling with stalled cashflow.

  • Oil havoc threatens industry’s access to capital

    The oil industry’s ability to raise money in capital markets is coming under severe strain, as the coronavirus pandemic is forcing all analysts to tear up their assumptions and bringing unprecedented volatility in prices.

  • Deutsche sets up sustainable finance team to go beyond green bonds

    Deutsche Bank has set up an inter-disciplinary sustainable finance team in its capital markets group, aiming to be “viewed as [a] market leader on this important subject”, as it senses that clients, including big oil and gas companies, are having increasingly to consider environmental and social issues to access the capital markets.

  • European markets resilient but it’s safety first in primary

    European capital markets have continued to function well during the coronavirus crisis, according to a report released on Monday by the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (Afme). However, in terms of primary market activity, the industry body’s data shows quite how sharply issuance has skewed towards investment grade, with riskier debt and IPO markets closed off.

  • AMAG pulls Swiss franc ABS after boosting bank debt

    AMAG Leasing, a regular issuer in the small Swiss franc ABS market, pulled its planned Swiss Car ABS 2020-1 deal on Tuesday after investors declined to support the deal at a level the company found attractive. It had recently renewed its bank facility, and is also a regular issuer in the unsecured Swiss franc bond market.

  • Donlon becomes head of DCM at UBS

    UBS has promoted Barry Donlon to run its debt capital markets business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, alongside several other job changes.

  • Hard-hit firms mull market rescues as governments change support goalposts

    Companies in sectors that lack government support packages are having to weigh moving quickly to secure costly private-sector rescue capital against waiting and hoping governments extend existing bailout or liquidity schemes to them. The cost of Carnival Corp’s $6.25bn package last week showed how expensive private sector cash can be, but many sectors’ prospects of receiving public money are better than the Panama-domiciled cruise company.

  • Banks carry on conduit lending despite coronavirus crunch

    According to data from the European Securities and Markets Authority, new trade receivables securitizations are still being regularly financed by banks through their asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) conduits, with market participants saying that lenders remain open for business — for existing clients only.

  • BP raises $10bn in new revolving facility

    BP, the UK oil and gas company, has set up a new $10bn revolving credit facility, as oil companies look to shore up their cash positions in response to the twin maladies of Covid-19 and a drop in oil prices.

  • Aircraft lessors under spotlight in PP market

    Aircraft lessors have become popular borrowers in the US private placement market but coronavirus pandemic has thrown up a whole new magnitude of risk for the industry and many will be looking to amend the terms of their deals. Many market participants predict that the conversations between borrowers and investors will be tricky.