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  • CP experts welcome aid but want reassurance

    Market participants have welcomed moves by the US Federal Reserve and Treasury, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank to restore order in commercial paper markets. This normally placid funding source has been under severe stress in the past week as investors and dealers shun risk amid the escalating coronavirus crisis. But market participants are still seeking further reassurance.

  • EU green standard could stop transition bonds

    Since the invention of green bonds 13 years ago, market participants have circled round the problem of what is green. There are many answers, such as the Climate Bonds Initiative's standards, but none have any official authority. That is about to change. The EU's Green Bond Standard is likely to become law before the year is out, and it could alter the market in several ways.

  • Solidarity vital as Italian state, banks and companies face intensifying crisis

    The outlook for Italy continues to worsen, as both the coronavirus pandemic and financial markets rout deepened on Thursday. But essential services are functioning, in society and markets, and Italians are helping each other through the crisis, including with funding difficulties. By Jon Hay and Lewis McLellan

  • Bank of England's triple whammy offers limited reassurance

    The Bank of England’s unscheduled decision to cut rates and encourage banks to lend to the real economy on Wednesday morning was viewed as a powerful step by some in the market, although it is very unlikely to put to bed economic uncertainty over the impact of coronavirus.

  • EU Taxonomy a mix of soft and strong, clear and vague

    The European Union’s Taxonomy of Sustainable Economic Activities, the latest draft of which was released on Monday, has been hailed by promoters as the opening of a new chapter in responsible investing. But the document is complex and much will depend on how market participants use it.

  • Virus fight demands ECB triple threat

    The European Central Bank is widely expected to ramp up its efforts to prop up the eurozone economy on Thursday. It could spear the effects of an oil price shock and the spread of the coronavirus outbreak with a trident of bank lending, rate cuts and QE.

  • EU Taxonomy and Green Bond Standard: sneak peek

    The European Commission's Technical Expert Group will be publishing its much-awaited Taxonomy and Green Bond Standard on Monday. GlobalCapital has received leaked copies from a source in Brussels. The GBS endorses a use of proceeds approach and limits the inclusion of operating expenditure. The Taxonomy contains reassurance for companies whose activities are not yet covered by it and sets out human rights standards.

  • Taxonomy coming on Monday

    Sustainable finance specialists are waiting eagerly to see the precise details of the European Union's Taxonomy of Sustainable Economic Activities, the next draft of which will be revealed on Monday.

  • Hedge funds and US banks spy gold in distressed Schuldscheine

    With the Schuldschein having grown into one of Europe’s foremost private debt markets, Asian and European banks have swarmed to it on the hunt for implied investment grade companies to lend to. But at the corners of the market, new characters are edging into the picture. According to several market sources, hedge funds and US investment banks have started to work their way into a still rare element of the centuries-old German market — distressed debt. Silas Brown investigates.

  • Mazi and Bibbey take over as El Hayek leaves HSBC

    HSBC has made Mehmet Mazi global head of debt trading and financing, a newly created position. It comes after the departure of Elie El Hayek, a veteran of the bank who had run fixed income.