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  • Confident SRI bond market looks to state for next leg up

    With France’s green OAT and record issuance this year, the green and social bond market has emerged from obscurity into the bright lights of mainstream capital markets. Treasurers and CFOs are, by now, aware of what the market has to offer. But to channel capital on the scale required to limit global warming to 2C, the market must adapt and innovate to meet investors’ need for clarity, and to incentivise issuers. Lewis McLellan reports.

  • Waking up to reality: the race to put numbers on climate risk

    Sustainability is a term used liberally and vaguely in the financial world. But it has a precise meaning: living so that we do not make it harder for future generations to live. That principle is violated by today’s economy, including its financial markets. But little by little, the heart of markets — the decisions investors make — is facing up to what it has long repressed. Jon Hay reports.

  • Green-aware investors take the lead in driving SRI growth

    Responsible investing — and green and social bonds in particular — are still not a mass market among US investors. But the fund managers leading the charge are optimistic: consciousness has moved a long way in a few years.

  • Eurozone not ready for normalization yet says ECB’s Praet

    Despite rampant market speculation that the European Central Bank (ECB) is gearing up to unveil its tapering programme in October, Peter Praet, member of the executive board of the ECB, indicated that the bank is not ready yet to commit to monetary normalisation.

  • Get real on climate risk, investors tell banks

    A hundred investors managing $1.8tr of assets have signed a letter calling on banks to say more about how they are managing the risk of climate change, and to publish a strategy saying how they support the goals of the Paris Agreement.