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  • Wake up, FCA: active managers are the market

    There may be grounds for criticising the UK’s asset management industry, as the Financial Conduct Authority has done this week. Finding that price competition among active managers is weak, it proposes new regulations to make charges and policies clearer.

  • Shock as Russia accuses economy minister of bribery

    Russia’s economy minister Alexey Ulyukaev was detained on Tuesday after allegations that he accepted a “grand bribe” from Rosneft in exchange for allowing it to buy Bashneft earlier this year.

  • The Trump trend is not your friend

    This week, those in the capital markets showed it’s not just electorates that can deliver surprises. Investors got one back — by making markets rise on a shock Donald Trump election victory.

  • The end of the world as we know it?

    Do not be reassured by the checks and balances narrative. The US presidential election matters desperately. Either the US will be in a position to keep leading the world, or it won’t.

  • Trump risk underpriced

    The US stock market and the dollar have been falling since last week, as fears have grown that Donald Trump might win the US presidency in Tuesday's election.