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  • Pertamina makes rapid return to bonds after long wait

    It took Indonesian energy company Pertamina several years to make its debut in the international bond market, but it was only a matter of days before the state-owned borrower returned for its second deal. Pertamina raised $500m from a 30 year bond at the end of last week, bringing its total funding to $1.5bn within the space of a few days.

  • Spring flowering for rejuvenated ABS market

    A raft of landmark transactions, debut issues and exotic assets is underscoring the strength of the European asset-backed market’s long delayed revival. The first post-crisis CMBS, the second non-conforming RMBS, a Dutch RMBS, a revived Spanish auto deal — Driver España — and a first from Yorkshire Building Society are all due to break new ground shortly following the largest public post-crisis UK RMBS and VW’s Driver Nine.