• BofA’s top-three goal relies on intensity

    Bank of America is covering more clients than ever in a quest to overhaul its rivals at the summit of the league table rankings, spelling further bad news for European banks, writes David Rothnie.

    • 22 May 2019
  • Soc Gen revamps as Oudéa eyes revival

    Société Générale has raised the prospect of becoming the latest European bank to outsource parts of its equities business as it follows rivals with a cost-cutting drive, writes David Rothnie

    • 16 May 2019
  • Activists hold key to Europe’s M&A fortunes

    Banks face big decisions over client selection and positioning as Europe’s M&A boom falters, writes David Rothnie

    • 09 May 2019
  • Deutsche holds firm despite Whitbread broking loss

    For all its woes, Deutsche Bank’s corporate finance business has much to play for in EMEA, writes David Rothnie.

    • 02 May 2019
  • Goldman’s reboot suffers mission creep

    A tough quarter scuppered Goldman Sachs's strategic update but the bank places deeds before words and is already well advanced in its new strategy, writes David Rothnie

    • 24 Apr 2019
  • Hot under the collar: banks make big calls in strategic equity

    A surge in shareholder activism is providing banks with a lucrative new source of revenue, but they have to tread carefully or risk losing treasured corporate relationships, writes David Rothnie.

    • 17 Apr 2019
  • Nomura’s IB ‘restart’ risks repeating history

    Nomura’s growth plan in its latest restructuring depends on sweeping away regional fiefdoms while finding greater consistency. History suggests this could be a tall order, writes David Rothnie.

    • 11 Apr 2019
  • Staley stakes his future on CIB turnaround

    Barclays’ corporate and investment bank has reached the endgame in its fight to boost returns following the departure of Tim Throsby, as group CEO Jes Staley takes control for the second time in three years.

    • 04 Apr 2019
  • BNPP looks west for banking model

    The French bank is continuing to execute its plan to become Europe’s leading corporate finance house, despite headwinds and looming consolidation, writes David Rothnie.

    • 28 Mar 2019
  • Citi wins box seat on Deutsche and opens gate to Flood

    The Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank talks have given Europe’s FIG bankers an unexpected source of cheer, writes David Rothnie.

    • 21 Mar 2019
  • German panacea or M&A nightmare?

    The logic for a merger between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank still looks far from convincing, despite the wishes of Germany’s political elite, writes David Rothnie.

    • 13 Mar 2019
  • Is Guyett the man to crack HSBC’s IB conundrum?

    Following the retirement of Robin Phillips, HSBC’s new head of global banking is well qualified to meet the challenge that has outlasted his ex-colleague, provided he can get his head around the bank’s unique structure, writes David Rothnie.

    • 06 Mar 2019
  • ABN opts for pragmatism over ambition

    ABN Amro, one of the banks at the centre of the global financial crisis in 2008, hopes that a new structure designed to deliver on a corporate and institutional banking (CIB) strategy anchored closer to home will allow it to prosper.

    • 28 Feb 2019
  • Rothschild pushes into big data advisory

    Rothschild has launched a new investor advisory practice helping companies understand increasingly opaque shareholder registers. Is this a pioneering move that bridges a gap between companies and their shareholders, or is the firm simply plugging a hole in its own advisory offering, asks David Rothnie.

    • 21 Feb 2019
  • UBS pivots from FIG to GIG

    UBS is re-balancing its corporate finance business to end its reliance on its Financial Institutions Group with impressive results, writes David Rothnie.

    • 14 Feb 2019
  • JP Morgan looks to burnish jewel in the crown

    JP Morgan has overhauled its European management team as it places its oldest franchise at the heart of a push to boost its UK M&A business.

    • 07 Feb 2019
  • Barbarians arrive at the banks’ gates as others flee

    While banks fight shy of big-ticket mergers, a select group of private equity firms are leading the restructuring of the industry in Europe, writes David Rothnie.

    • 31 Jan 2019
  • Orcel mess leaves gaps at the top of European banking

    The path from M&A rainmaker to CEO is a perilous one, as John Cryan and Andrea Orcel have proved. Will Christian Meissner be the next senior banker to try it, asks David Rothnie.

    • 24 Jan 2019
  • Investment banks gear up for tech coverage revolution

    Technology M&A will continue to power corporate finance activity in 2019 but, as deals increasingly cross sectors, banks are having to re-tool their coverage and break up internal silos, writes David Rothnie.

    • 17 Jan 2019
  • Credit Suisse investment banking business defies the critics

    Credit Suisse surprised its critics in 2018 by showing that, despite its pivot to wealth management, the European corporate finance business is robust and surprisingly well-diversified, writes David Rothnie.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Barclays takes fight to US banks in corporate finance, but doubts linger

    Barclays has asserted its credentials as Europe’s top investment bank with market share gains in 2018, but can it shake off lingering doubts about the franchise, asks David Rothnie.

    • 02 Jan 2019

All International Bonds

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1 JPMorgan 159,441.15 688 8.06%
2 Citi 156,412.44 629 7.91%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 128,902.57 511 6.52%
4 Barclays 125,463.27 484 6.34%
5 HSBC 102,014.24 510 5.16%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

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2 BNP Paribas 12,334.48 61 6.37%
3 UniCredit 11,196.47 58 5.78%
4 Citi 9,580.75 37 4.95%
5 Deutsche Bank 8,953.95 35 4.62%

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1 Morgan Stanley 5,254.13 23 10.50%
2 JPMorgan 4,766.39 27 9.53%
3 Goldman Sachs 4,259.98 19 8.51%
4 Citi 3,649.88 23 7.29%
5 UBS 3,602.23 16 7.20%