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  • MTN Leak: Disaster recovery practice

    One of the MTN market's best-known faces appears to have been practising for the looming nuclear apocalypse.

    • 10 Aug 2017
  • MTN Leak: The summer paradox

    Leak is facing the summer paradox. The otherwise hardworking MTN bankers of London have more free time to come and hobnob with Leak but instead choose to go on holiday.

    • 03 Aug 2017
  • MTN Leak: Summer days are here at last

    The summer holidays have arrived and jubilation abounds among school children. For the parents in the MTN market, there is perhaps a little trepidation mixed with the glee.

    • 20 Jul 2017
  • MTN Leak: wish you were here

    Société Générale invited the great and the good of London’s financial press to a viewing of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new Pink Floyd exhibition this week. But for the hapless Leak team, it was The Doors that were of interest.

    • 13 Jul 2017
  • MTN Leak: Wimbledon season

    All across the City and the Wharf, eyes are roving from left to right, right to left, trained on a single monitor. These eyes are not comparing curves, nor checking swap prices. If you sneak around them quickly enough, before the reflexive twitch to Alt+Tab brings up a spreadsheet, you might catch a glimpse of green and white.

    • 06 Jul 2017
  • MTN Leaks: Heat-raves

    From the cobbled streets by a Mayfair tavern, to a breezy rooftop at one of London’s most prestigious hotels — there was plenty of schmoozing and boozing to be had this week.

    • 22 Jun 2017
  • MTN Leak: A Peruvian fiesta

    Leak went from dining with Santander's “Latin Kings” last week to trying the new branch of Peruvian restaurant Coya in the City with some of the peeps from TD Securities.

    • 15 Jun 2017
  • MTN Leak: Tales from Don Smit-xote

    Leak had the pleasure of dining with Santander in one of London’s most authentic Spanish restaurants — a fitting setting for some stories from the self-styled “Latin Kings” of MTNs.

    • 08 Jun 2017
  • MTN Leak: The return of Leakjonsson

    As the MTN world's social calendar begins to fill up once again, one event in particular stood out from the rest — this year’s Discover Iceland.

    • 01 Jun 2017
  • MTN Leak: To dance or not to dance

    GlobalCapital celebrated its 30th Anniversary Bond Awards dinner on Tuesday night at the UnderGlobe — a venue beneath Shakespeare’s Globe theatre on the River Thames.

    • 25 May 2017

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1 JPMorgan 82.05 291 8.97%
2 Citi 73.70 269 8.06%
3 BofA Securities 60.16 236 6.58%
4 Barclays 55.76 216 6.10%
5 Goldman Sachs 44.41 154 4.86%

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3 Citi 3.14 12 9.00%
4 HSBC 2.22 13 6.35%
5 Commerzbank Group 2.15 7 6.15%

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1 Credit Suisse 2.84 5 13.65%
2 JPMorgan 1.90 14 9.12%
3 Barclays 1.75 12 8.39%
4 Morgan Stanley 1.69 11 8.10%
5 Citi 1.63 13 7.86%