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    Before we go any further, I need to take you through some security questions. Then we can proceed but remember we do record these exchanges for training purposes.

    • 05 Jun 2014
  • Nosebleed territory

    Today occasioned my one month anniversary at Chaucer Securities and it is only with immense difficulty and regret that I can tell you, Gentle Reader (as if you give a monkey’s), that these four weeks have passed more profitably and more enjoyably than I could have imagined or hoped.

    • 29 May 2014
  • Low Frequency Trading

    I was two years behind Michael Lewis on the Salomon Brothers training programme in the late 1980s. I’m light years behind him now and many millions of dollars poorer.

    • 22 May 2014
  • Gagging for it — the first chaucer lunch

    It had been billed as ‘lunch’ so I undertook some rigorous ante-jentacular exercise and skimped on breakfast in preparation.

    • 15 May 2014

    You, Gentle Reader, are fortunate. You are only subjected to The Naked Broker on a weekly basis but for fund managers, the unfortunate subjects of my importuning, the suffering is daily. I’m too often in their inbox.

    • 08 May 2014
  • Phoney war

    I'd been sitting in my new seat for half an hour or so, rearranging desk paraphernalia and familiarising myself with an environment which will become all too familiar very shortly, when I noticed a pair of arrows on the front edge of the tabletop.

    • 01 May 2014
  • Fingers crossed for the seduction-free vista of the future

    "Success", as Churchill wrote, "is moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm" and this maxim is uppermost in my mind as I enter the final week of gardening leave, scared witless by the enormous difficulty of the task that lies ahead.

    • 24 Apr 2014
  • I love expenses in the springtime

    A fortnight remaining until I make my debut at Chaucer Securities, and the clock is ticking. While anyone with a brain or ethics would be struck down with a terrible sense of inadequacy for the challenge that lies ahead and suffering from an intense bout of the heebie-jeebies, I have more pressing concerns: I need to take advantage of the greater resources and corporate infrastructure at my disposal and sort out a business jolly immediately.

    • 16 Apr 2014
  • Thinking outside the (post) box

    If Hamlet were a stockbroker, chances are he might have said, “There’s no such stock as cheap or rich but thinking makes it so”.

    • 03 Apr 2014
  • Accentuate the positive

    I'm going to walk onto that trading floor like the new manager of a football team strides into the dugout for his first match in charge, wearing the trademark sheepskin coat and a fedora. I'm going to exude an air of invincibility and omniscience. "Don't worry, lads, leave this to me. I'm in control now."

    • 28 Mar 2014
  • Slave to the rhythm

    It’s no good; I’m institutionalised. 25 years in the business (have I mentioned this wealth of experience before?) and as soon as I’m out of it, I’m like a fish out of water or an idiot bereft of a village. Until a few weeks back, my very idea of luxury was a little bit of a lie in and a leisurely breakfast, while reading a broadsheet newspaper cover-to-cover.

    • 20 Mar 2014
  • Criminal conviction? Only my stock picks

    July 24, 1989, was my first day in the broking industry. I had barely got through the door at Salomon Brothers than I was up in a room with the other 15 or so graduate trainees taking a maths test. There were 25 questions and most of those taking the test recorded 100%. The second lowest mark was 12/25 and that was the HR chap who just took the test to see whether it was difficult or not.

    • 13 Mar 2014
  • Chaucer Securities declined to comment

    I’m popular with financial journalists because, having no professional credibility to speak of, I’m happy to sound off on most subjects to anyone desirous of a quote on the markets.

    • 06 Mar 2014
  • Welcome to Chaucer

    Next stop: Chaucer Securities. My ambition: just make it to Christmas. Priority: getting those expectations down.

    • 27 Feb 2014
  • Valediction forbidding mourning

    If I discount the occasion I walked off the job at Knowsley Safari Park and told the fun fair manager where to shove his job manning the inflatable donkey, I’ve only had the luxury of resigning once before. That was three firms back at Salomon Brothers in 1995. And it may surprise regular readers to know that it wasn’t the dignified departure I had so meticulously planned.

    • 20 Feb 2014

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 15 Mar 2018
1 Citi 94,984.75 352 8.11%
2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 91,388.48 264 7.80%
3 JPMorgan 85,989.76 355 7.34%
4 Barclays 75,861.83 231 6.48%
5 Goldman Sachs 63,392.84 171 5.41%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 15 Mar 2018
1 Deutsche Bank 11,282.84 20 9.25%
2 SG Corporate & Investment Banking 10,109.80 20 8.29%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 9,894.16 18 8.11%
4 Citi 7,208.72 18 5.91%
5 BNP Paribas 6,855.32 27 5.62%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 15 Mar 2018
1 Goldman Sachs 4,258.05 18 13.42%
2 Deutsche Bank 2,404.90 13 7.58%
3 SG Corporate & Investment Banking 1,933.40 11 6.09%
4 Credit Suisse 1,775.47 8 5.59%
5 JPMorgan 1,732.54 10 5.46%