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  • PBoC releases Bond Connect blueprint

    The People's Bank of China published the blueprint of the upcoming Bond Connect scheme on Wednesday, and has asked the public for feedback by June 7. The provisional rules shed light on themes including FX and hedging.

    • 31 May 2017
  • Banks slam PBoC fix adjustment

    There was little understanding among market watchers to news that the Chinese central bank is planning to introduce a counter-cyclical component to the calculation of the daily fix of the onshore RMB (CNY). Analysts say the move contradicts earlier statements from the PBoC about giving markets more say in the exchange rate.

    • 31 May 2017
  • New RMB fix formula signals further reforms, says HSBC

    A new formula to determine the daily renminbi fix could be a prelude to more exchange rate policy reform from China, said HSBC.

    • 26 May 2017
  • OBOR’s RMBi impact divides experts

    Banks are beginning to grapple with the implications of funding the One Belt One Road (OBOR) project following the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation this month. While the initiative will likely help the renminbi go global, it is unclear how far and fast a boost RMB internationalisation will get from it.

    • 26 May 2017
  • July 1 Bond Connect launch planned, end-June market makers announcement

    Market participants are preparing for a July 1 launch of the Bond Connect, with details slowly emerging on the scheme’s features. Meanwhile, banks are also expecting a June 25 announcement on which institutions will act as Bond Connect market makers, GlobalRMB has learned.

    • 24 May 2017
  • The lowdown: Bond Connect

    After two years of chatter and rumour, People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) made the widely anticipated announcement on May 16 to confirm the launch of Bond Connect. Here's is GlobalRMB's guide to the new initiative.

    • 18 May 2017
  • Bond Connect set to launch in July, shut to CIBM Direct investors

    People’s Bank of China has given the green light to the Bond Connect scheme, which banks expect will launch in early July. However, investors using the CIBM Direct scheme will be shut out from the new link to China’s $9.4tr bond market, GlobalRMB has learned.

    • 17 May 2017
  • RMBi rightly taking a backseat to reform agenda

    China has not given up its renminbi internationalisation (RMBi) plans, but the constraints of an under-developed financial system will put the brakes on that process until further reforms are implemented, Yin-Wong Cheung, chair professor of international economics at City University of Hong Kong, told GlobalRMB.

    • 11 May 2017