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  • Vanguard surges in RQFII rankings

    The Australian subsidiary of US asset manager Vanguard received an additional Rmb20bn ($3.03bn) quota from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (Safe) on January 27, making the firm the second largest RMB qualified foreign institutional investor (RQFII) globally.

    • 29 Jan 2016
  • The lowdown: China investment quotas

    Do you know your RQFII from your RQDII? Worried you should have got a QDII2 instead of a QDLP? The alphabet soup of Chinese investment schemes can be hard to digest but thankfully GlobalRMB is here to provide a quick breakdown.

    • 29 Jan 2016
  • RMB to be stable in 2016 but CNH a ‘mistake’: CLSA’s Wood

    In a break from the consensus, CLSA’s equity strategist, Christopher Wood, said the renminbi will be stable this year against the new trade-weighted basket introduced by the central bank. However, he viewed the introduction of the offshore renminbi (CNH) as a mistake as shown by the huge amount of reserves spent to defend the currency.

    • 25 Jan 2016
  • There’s more to RMB deposit drop than devaluation

    The drop in offshore RMB (CNH) deposits in Hong Kong, and the further tightening of CNH liquidity due to the intervention of the Chinese central bank, is being touted as examples of how investors are ready to sell out of RMB assets. But a glance at liquidity trends across other RMB hubs reveals that the picture may be more nuanced.

    • 19 Jan 2016
  • Do not adjust your set: time to buy China

    Volatility in Chinese equity and foreign exchange markets is spooking investors but the cheaper RMB and more reasonable valuations for A-shares might provide an ideal entry point for investment into the Mainland.

    • 14 Jan 2016
  • China-related ETFs gain popularity in Taiwan despite market volatility

    China’s A-share market may be experiencing huge volatility this year, but Taiwan investors, are gaining more access investing in Chinese companies as new ETF tracking the Chinese SMEs join the growing suite of ETF products on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE).

    • 11 Jan 2016
  • A shares' MSCI inclusion coming in 2016 despite volatility, says Macquarie

    The Chinese circuit breaker mechanism shut down stock trading for the second time in just four days on January 7. Despite the 12% drop in the Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP) since end of 2015, Macquarie expects MSCI to finally green light A-shares inclusion for its popular global stock indices in June.

    • 07 Jan 2016
  • A-share drop could boost MRF southbound channel

    The sell-off in the A-share market on January 4 might well scare off Hong Kong investors from buying Chinese securities via the new Mutual Recognition of Funds (MRF) scheme, but retail investors in China might now have increased appetite for offshore investments available via the MRF’s southern channel, according to market participants.

    • 05 Jan 2016