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  • India should pause sovereign bond plans

    India’s plan to sell its first international bond has been caught in a battle of wills between the ministry of finance and the government. While any issuance is likely to be received well by the market, the sovereign should hold off on a deal until it is ready to present a united front to investors.

    • 29 Jul 2019

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  • Chinese government, central bank talk up bonds

    Some of the most powerful organs of the Chinese government are doing their best to calm nerves in the domestic bond market. Local governments once again voiced their support for widespread bond issuance this week, while the central bank tried to convince investors not to fret over default risk. Addison Gong reports.

    • 26 Feb 2020

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  • EC proposes state-backed €100bn unemployment fund

    The calls for a joint European fiscal response to coronavirus may, at least in part, have been answered. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced a €100bn fund intended to protect employment and mitigate the economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak. The fund will be backed by €25bn from member states.

    • 03.45 PM
  • NIB eyes second blue bond in 2020

    The Nordic Investment Bank is planning to issue another blue bond at some point in 2020, following its debut in the format last year.

    • 01.00 PM

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