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Awards: Overall bond deals of the year

By EuroWeek Editor 1
09 Jan 2015

GlobalCapital’S DEAL OF THE YEAR awards are voted for by leading participants in the international bond markets. First, investment banks were asked to nominate their best lead managements in each category. From that shortlist, market participants voted for the outstanding transactions, without voting for their own deals. GlobalCapital’s awards for the best banks, chosen by borrowers, and the most impressive borrowers, voted by banks, will be chosen in a separate poll and announced at the GlobalCapital Bond Dinner in May.

1 Numericable/Altice


$1.375bn 6.25% May 2024

€1.25bn 5.625% May 2024

$4bn 6% May 2022

€1bn 5.375% May 2022

$2.4bn 4.875% May 2019


€2.075bn 7.25% May 2022

$2.9bn 7.75% May 2022

Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan (global coordinators), Barclays, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Credit Suisse, ING, Morgan Stanley (dollar tranches), Natixis, Société Générale, Mediobanca, UniCredit (euro tranches)

2 Apple

$1bn 4.45% May 2044

$2.5bn 3.45% May 2024

$3bn 2.85% May 2021

$2bn 2.1% May 2019

$1bn FRN May 2019

$1.5bn 1.05% May 2017

$1bn FRN May 2017

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank (active bookrunners), JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (passive bookrunners)

3 Walgreen Boots Alliance

$1.5bn 4.8% November 2044

$500m 4.5% November 2034

€750m 2.125% November 2026

£300m 3.6% November 2025

$2bn 3.8% November 2024

$1.25bn 3.3% November 2021

£400m 2.875% November 2020

$1.25bn 2.7% November 2019

$750m 1.75% November 2017

$750m FRN May 2016

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs (global coordinators), HSBC (active bookrunners), JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo (passive bookrunners) 

4 Bayer US Finance

$1.75bn 3.375% October 2024

$1.5bn 3% October 2021

$2bn 2.375% October 2019

$400m FRN October 2017

$850m 1.5% October 2017

$500m FRN October 2016

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas (lead bookrunners), Barclays, BBVA, Citi, Commerzbank, Crédit Agricole, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan,  Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Société Générale, Sumitomo Mitsui, UniCredit

5 Spain 

€10bn 3.8% April 2024

BBVA, Barclays, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Santander, Société Générale

6 = Volkswagen International Finance

€1.75bn 4.625% Perpetual
(non-call March 2026)

€1.25bn 3.75% Perpetual
(non-call March 2021)

Barclays, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Société Générale

6 = Cyprus 

€750m 4.75% June 2019

Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, UBS, VTB Capital

6 = Portugal 

$4.5bn 5.125% October 2024

Barclays, Danske Bank, HSBC, Société Générale

9 Danske Bank 

€750m 5.75% Perpetual
(non-call April 2020)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Danske Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan

10 Electricité de France

$700m 6% January 2114

$1bn 4.875% January 2044

$1.25bn 2.15% January 2019

$1bn 1.15% January 2017

$750m FRN January 2017

Citi, Credit Suisse, Société Générale (global coordinators), Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Mizuho, Morgan Stanley, RBC Capital Markets

By EuroWeek Editor 1
09 Jan 2015