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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

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By Taipan
31 Jul 2014

As you probably know there are a good many things that can raise my hackles — watered down whiskey, rude drivers, loud crowds at the cricket etc. But nothing quite ruffles my feathers as much as leaving a meal with a less than full stomach.

And hangry (hungry + angry for those of you not down with the kids) was exactly how I was feeling after attending was one of the most anticipated foodie events of the year. Well, OK, it was the preview of Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant — not Cipriani’s, I grant you, but hardly slumming it and I’ve never been able to turn down free food.

Don’t get me wrong: the morsels offered at the preview of this English celebrity chef’s newest venue certainly pleased the taste buds. But the problem was the stomach was left feeling empty, like a wallet on bonus day after a bad year.

But it looks like that feeling certainly won’t be striking down my DCM pals this year. Two thirds of the way into the summer and they’re still seeing no signs of a summer slowdown.

Instead of extended lunch breaks and early finishes, one my buddies found himself camping out at the office until sunrise as he juggled multiple deals.

But one thing he did get right was the food. He started his day with the very wise choice of a full English breakfast at his favourite pub. Hearty and satisfying – that’s the way a meal should be. Take heed, Naked Chef! 

By Taipan
31 Jul 2014