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Asiamoney's 2009 Asia ex-Japan Best Bank and Deal Awards are now open

14 Oct 2009

Asiamoney is pleased to invite you to pitch for our 2009 Regional Deal & Investment Bank of the Year awards for ex-Japan Asia.

Perhaps more than any other year in living memory the past 12 months offered hugely contrasting conditions in the region's capital markets. From the lows at the end of 2008, when financing was a scarce commodity, to the highs of new equity and bond deal flow over the summer, the year presented a myriad of challenges and opportunities for issuers, investors and intermediaries. Given this shift in market conditions, our awards offer an opportunity not to be missed to acknowledge which issuers and investment banks were most impressive with their deals and market coverage over the past 12 months.

Please submit concise information on the stand-out transactions in which your institution was involved. The best regional deal categories are as follows:

Best M&A

Best IPO

Best Equity Offering

Best Equity-Linked Offering

Best Sovereign Bond

Best Investment Grade Bond

Best High-Yield Bond

Best Local Currency Bond

Best Securitisation

Best Syndicated Loan

Best Project Financing

Best Leveraged Financing

The best Asia investment bank awards are as follows:

Best Equity Arranger

Best Debt Arranger

Best Loan Arranger

Best M&A Adviser

Best Investment Bank

Due to the fluidity of market conditions over the past year when it comes to deciding on best regional deals we will place a great deal of emphasis upon transactions that helped revitalise portions of Asia's capital markets or offer innovation to help meet issuers' funding needs. We will also consider the following criteria: innovation and the trailblazing nature of the transaction; the initial market response and secondary market performance; the size, volume and structure of the deal; and how successfully the transaction performed given the market conditions at the time.

For the Best Bank pitches, we are particularly interested in banks that can demonstrate that they supported companies and issuers in bad times and good, executing good deals during the most difficult periods of the past year as well as benefiting from the upsurge in conditions in recent months. We will also consider the following criteria: diversity of deals arranged; the quality, uniqueness and success of the transactions arranged; the volume of deals arranged; and examples of standout successes.

As usual, pitches for each award should be no more than three pages in length, and you can only submit one deal per award category. Each bank award pitch should be no longer than five pages in length. The award period stretches from December 2008 to November 2009, and we will only consider deals from ex-Japan Asia. Submitted deals must have been finalised and priced within this period, while league table or associated data for best investment bank awards should reflect this time period. We retain the right to exclude an award category if we feel the submitted transactions are not strong enough to merit inclusion. Softcopy pitches can be submitted in powerpoint or Excel/Word formats.

Entries should be submitted to:, or hardcopies can be sent to the following address:

Richard Morrow

5th floor Printing House
6 Duddell Street
Hong Kong  
14 Oct 2009