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  • MTN volumes fall as FIG issuance dries up

    The MTN market has had a tough year, as central bank support programmes and rampant public market issuance ate away at the volume done in private markets. Most notable was the 42% decline in bank issuance, which made up the majority of the year’s fall in MTN volume.

    • 22 Dec 2020
  • Bigger, longer, faster… SSAs rise to the challenge

    Public sector borrowing has been the backbone of the global economy’s response to the unprecedented economic and humanitarian disaster of Covid-19. Sovereigns, supranationals, agencies and regions rose to the new challenge, displaying more ingenuity and ambition than ever in their selection of market, format, currency and tenor and producing some truly spectacular deals. Borrowers throughout the SSA class had to adjust their funding programmes after the first quarter — many to double or even treble their requirements. Contending with inflated funding needs, as well as a market beset by severe dislocations, required unusual flexibility and creativity. Amid all that, SSA borrowers managed not simply to raise the sums required, but to push forward market attitudes to SRI debt and to new risk-free-rates products.

    • 17 Dec 2020
  • EU enters the fray as SSA market shines brightly

    The SSA market faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. Funding requirements were inflated by unexpected needs from the pandemic, and the market was busier than ever thanks, in no small part, to the EU’s entrance as one of the sector’s biggest borrowers. But with the exception of a difficult period in March, SSA issuers made it through the year with scarcely a hiccup in their programmes. It’s an encouraging sign, but new challenges await next year. Some leading lights in the SSA community discuss the year they’ve had and the changes it has brought for them, as well as for capital markets more broadly.

    • 11 Dec 2020
  • Saxony squeaks out negative yielding 15 year

    Saxony elected to bring a 15 year benchmark to market on Tuesday, launching the deal in an otherwise deserted primary market. The negative yield told against the deal, which was sold without being fully subscribed.

    • 08 Dec 2020
  • UK MBA pulls bond for Warrington amid uncertainty following PWLB rate cut

    The UK Municipal Bonds Agency on Tuesday withdrew a planned bond sale for Warrington Borough Council as a result of the Public Works Loan Board’s decision last week to cut its lending rate by 100bp. Warrington will have to reconsider what is its best funding option.

    • 01 Dec 2020