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  • Warrington targeting bond via UK MBA

    The UK Municipal Bonds Agency is set to come to market for its third bond ever — this time, on behalf of Warrington Borough Council.

    • 04.45 PM
  • MTNs join bank sub-benchmark flurry

    Banks were busy issuing sub-benchmark sized deals in the euro public market last week, prompting several issuers to follow suit in the MTN market.

    • 03.30 PM
  • Croydon’s insolvency could be just the beginning

    Giving cheap loans with few restrictions to local authorities via the Public Works Loan Board is not a suitable replacement for central government funding. This must change, or London Borough of Croydon will only be the first council to fall into insolvency.

    • 17 Nov 2020
  • SSAs look to finish 2020 in MTNs

    Issuers are winding down their funding programmes before the end of the year and several smaller SSAs have turned to MTNs to complete the little they have left to do. The big deals of the week, however, came from corporates, with Volkswagen and Eurogrid coming in at opposite ends of the curve.

    • 12 Nov 2020