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  • Interplex eyes $400m to refinance acquisition loan

    Singapore’s Interplex Holdings has returned for a $400m five year loan to refinance a 2016 borrowing that supported its acquisition by Baring Private Equity Asia.

    • 28 Jan 2019
  • Luye Pharma allocates $300m loan among nine

    Chinese drug developer Luye Pharma Group has closed a $300m loan after a five-month syndication.

    • 25 Jan 2019
  • Corporates form their own green finance body

    Sixteen European industrial companies have formed the Corporate Forum on Sustainable Finance, to grant themselves a stronger voice in the green bond market and promote the use of sustainable finance products.

    • 24 Jan 2019
  • Profit Reach uses put option in lieu of loan guarantee

    Profit Reach, an investment vehicle owned by Chinese billionaire Shen Guojun, is seeking a $550m refinancing loan with a rare put option provided to lenders. The deal has raised debate over whether the structure can catch on in Asia. Pan Yue reports.

    • 24 Jan 2019
  • Profit Reach cuts pricing on $550m refi

    Profit Reach International, an investment vehicle owned by Chinese billionaire businessman Shen Guojun, has returned to the loan market for a $550m refinancing.

    • 21 Jan 2019
  • Huifeng Petrochemical debuts with $200m borrowing

    Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group is tapping the offshore loan market for the first time, seeking a $200m two year borrowing.

    • 21 Jan 2019
  • Climate activists boo Larry Fink’s CEO letter

    Larry Fink, chief executive of BlackRock, became one of the most namechecked people in the responsible investing movement in 2018 when he affirmed that “Companies must benefit all of their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which they operate.”

    • 17 Jan 2019
  • When a bad deal leads to no deal, no one wins

    Maintaining confidence in the system relies on trust that leaders — those selected for their competence and character to set the course for the rest of us — are well informed, able to communicate with others at their level and take decisions that serve the interests of those they lead.

    • 17 Jan 2019
  • ASM Pacific seeks debut loan to refinance CB

    ASM Pacific Technology is tapping the offshore loan market for the first time, raising a HK$2.25bn ($287m) five year borrowing to refinance a convertible bond maturing in March.

    • 15 Jan 2019
  • Shandong Qingyuan closes $430m loan with five

    Shandong Qingyuan Group has closed a $430m one year self-arranged club loan with five participants.

    • 14 Jan 2019
  • BRI launches $700m borrowing at tight levels

    Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) has launched a $700m multi-tranche loan into general syndication, raising some debate among bankers about the tight pricing on offer.

    • 14 Jan 2019
  • Sritex eyes $350m loan for bond buy-back

    Indonesian textile company Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex) has returned to the syndications market for a $350m loan that will go partly towards a bond buy-back.

    • 11 Jan 2019
  • Fitch joins ESG caravan with relevance scores

    Fitch Ratings has remedied its long lack of a visible response to the rise of environmental, social and governance investing by launching a set of ESG relevance scores.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Anta launches €2.2bn loan with HSBC joining as MLAB

    Anta Sports Products has launched its €2.2bn loan to back the acquisition of Amer Sports Oyj into general syndication, with HSBC joining the bookrunning group.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Pick-up in China M&A loans is just a pipe dream

    A handful of outbound M&A deals announced in the second half of 2018 have given leveraged and acquisition finance bankers hopes for a rebound in action this year. But with many roadblocks ahead, being "cautiously optimistic" will be critical.

    • 08 Jan 2019
  • VPBank Finance returns for short tenor loan

    VPBank Finance has made a quick comeback to the international syndications market for a $130m borrowing with a short one year tenor.

    • 04 Jan 2019
  • Bank of the Lao PDR seeks separate $100m loan

    The central bank of Laos is seeking a $100m loan through Taipei Fubon Bank, while simultaneously syndicating another deal of the same size via Cathay United Bank.

    • 04 Jan 2019
  • Laos central bank keeps pricing flat on loan return

    Bank of the Lao PDR is taking commitments for a $100m four year borrowing in general syndication, offering lenders terms that are identical to its last offshore facility from 2015.

    • 02 Jan 2019