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  • Alibaba CEO learns lesson in humility

    Alibaba’s chief executive Daniel Zhang has praised a regulatory crackdown on China’s technology titans. That was an abrupt turn from co-founder Jack Ma’s loose-lips policy to discussing China. Investors will be relieved.

    • 24 Nov 2020
  • China’s bank capital market comes of age

    Baoshang Bank’s complete write-down of close to $1bn of tier two debt offers an invaluable lesson to investors in China’s domestic bond market.

    • 17 Nov 2020
  • ECB could copy Japan's special rates for reforming banks

    The Bank of Japan has said that it will pay extra on reserves deposited by banks that become more cost efficient or that merge. A similar policy could well be introduced in Europe too, although perhaps with different aims.

    • 10 Nov 2020
  • Ant’s listing failure should worry HKEX

    Ant Group’s IPO suspension was a big blow to many: the fintech firm itself, the banks that worked on the huge transaction, and the investors that were salivating to get a piece of the stock. It was also a big setback for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's reputation as an independent and attractive listing destination.

    • 10 Nov 2020
  • China’s move against Ant Group is a gift to its critics

    China’s decision to clamp down on Ant Group has derailed an IPO of at least $34bn, despite execution being finished last week. The move appears to be little more than political muscle-flexing by Beijing. The real winners will be the country’s critics.

    • 05 Nov 2020
  • 'The Chinese bid': don’t count on it

    Ask any debt banker in Asia about 'the Chinese bid' and they will tell you how dramatically demand from the country has transformed the dollar bond market. But a handful of recent deals from the country’s local government financing vehicles should give borrowers pause. This source of demand cannot be taken for granted.

    • 03 Nov 2020