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  • Mastering the ancient art of indolence

    Back when I was an undergrad, the minute summer term came to an end, we’d be off to an exotic destination to sample the local delights.

    • 26 Jun 2014
  • All play, no work in Hong Kong summertime

    It’s that time of year again. Long balmy evenings filled with cricket on the green, mother buttering homemade cucumber sandwiches, father’s cries of “well done my boy” interrupted only by the skylark. Ah, the great British Summer Time. And as I watch the black rain lashing the window in Hong Kong's first typhoon warning of the season, I feel somewhat misty eyed.

    • 19 Jun 2014
  • Bankers and football are a perfect match

    If you ask me what is the most important characteristic of an investment banker, I would say the ability to see the positive side of things, no matter how terrible and ridiculous the situation really is.

    • 12 Jun 2014
  • I’d rather not fill those shoes

    I’m no fashionista, but even I wouldn't leave the house wearing mismatched shoes. However, one unfortunate chap did manage to pull off this remarkable feat at the Asia Pacific Loan Market Association gathering in Macau on Wednesday.

    • 05 Jun 2014