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  • Synthetic creation

    The Hong Kong renminbi market has already been open for a few years, but the increasing diversification of issuers in the market is keeping investors hooked — and ensuring they can concentrate their energies on the rise of the currency, without putting all of their money in one sector. The same needs to happen in the synthetic renminbi market.

    • 27 Jan 2011
  • When greed isn’t good

    India’s state-owned companies have proved an important source of business for Asia’s bankers over the past 12 months. Nationalised banks flooded the market with loans last year, and several state-owned companies followed suit.

    • 20 Jan 2011
  • Moving out of property

    Asia’s debt market has already had a rapturous start to 2011 and — looking at the number of issuers lining up to sell deals next week — there is plenty more to come before the Chinese New Year. A big chunk of that is likely to come from China itself.

    • 13 Jan 2011
  • Pricing blues

    Hong Kong’s loan bankers returned to work this week with a large dose of post-Christmas blues. The season of goodwill to all men, generosity and gifts is well and truly over if Towngas’s new loan is anything to go by. The Hong Kong utilities company started the year with an aggressively priced loan that pays just 58.5bp all in at the top level. Ouch.

    • 06 Jan 2011