• 'Bad backdrop' keeps EM borrowers at bay

    Two emerging market borrowers had to postpone deals this week, thanks to volatility in the market. Naftogaz and Emirates NBD have had to put plans for their five year dollar benchmarks on hold.

    14 Nov 2018
  • APRR achieves sharp pricing despite number of turn-offs

    French toll road operator APRR had been quiet in 2018 by its own standards, but it sold its first corporate bond deal of the year on Wednesday when it sold a €500m long 11 year trade. It paid a low new issue premium for the deal, but lost a number of orders along the way.

    14 Nov 2018
  • UniCredit hopes to issue a dollar non-preferred senior bond

    UniCredit’s CFO Mirko Bianchi has been on the road to meet North American investors after the bank released its third quarter results. From the end of the month, it expects to be prepared to issue its second ever senior non-preferred bond.

    14 Nov 2018
  • Regulators push to carve out regular bonds from restrictive PRIIPs rule

    European regulators and the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority have hit back against what they see as on overly restrictive interpretation of the European ‘PRIIPs’ rules, intended for structured products. The rules, which came in in January this year, have led some issuers of vanilla bonds to hold back from offering these to retail clients, because they were worried about new documents required.

    • 13 Nov 2018
  • EC to UK clearing houses: preapply for hard Brexit

    The European Commission on Tuesday told UK clearing houses and securities depositories to "preapply" to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) for recognition, should a hard Brexit take place.

    • 13 Nov 2018
  • Créd Ag follows BNPP into Euroyen format

    Crédit Agricole was marketing five tranches of Euroyen bonds this week, following a very popular offering in the format from BNP Paribas earlier this year.

    • 13 Nov 2018






  • Indonesian success story: Inalum bolsters bonds

    Indonesia Asahan Aluminium’s recent $4bn bond, which pulled the country’s quasi-sovereign curve tighter, offered a much-needed shot in the arm for Indonesian issuers in the offshore market.

    • 14 Nov 2018
  • Gulf of opportunity

    Despite commodity catastrophes and diplomatic discord, the Gulf is set to be one of the most promising regions for the syndicated loan market in coming years, with a number of projects in the pipeline and governments seeking to modernise their economies by diversifying their funding sources. Banks seeking long term returns and future ancillary business should pay close attention.

    • 13 Nov 2018

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  • Italy’s leaders are winning the battle Syriza lost

    J Paul Getty once said that if you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem. But if you owe the bank $100m, that’s the bank’s problem. Italy’s battle with Europe and the response from the European Central Bank (ECB) suggest the same is true of eurozone membership.

    • 08 Nov 2018
  • Mid-terms mean more misery for Moscow marts

    Russian capital markets have had a rough time this year, but the prospect of relief from sanctions diminished this week after the Democrats regained control of the US House of Representatives.

    • 08 Nov 2018

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1 Citi 325,692.23 1268 8.08%
2 JPMorgan 318,171.08 1387 7.90%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 293,301.12 1008 7.28%
4 Barclays 245,918.13 920 6.10%
5 Goldman Sachs 217,162.09 730 5.39%

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1 BNP Paribas 45,688.28 179 7.05%
2 JPMorgan 43,572.44 88 6.72%
3 UniCredit 35,452.34 152 5.47%
4 Credit Agricole CIB 33,170.05 159 5.12%
5 SG Corporate & Investment Banking 32,244.80 125 4.97%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

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1 JPMorgan 13,643.79 60 8.96%
2 Goldman Sachs 13,204.47 65 8.68%
3 Citi 9,716.40 55 6.38%
4 Morgan Stanley 8,471.86 53 5.57%
5 UBS 8,136.41 33 5.35%