EIB in the news

  • World Bank resurrects dollar 10s, others look to follow suit

    World Bank has reopened the 10 year part of the dollar curve, with other public sector issuers keen to follow it into the tenor.

    • 20 Oct 2016
  • EIB USD4.5bn 1.25% Dec 19

    • 20 Oct 2016
  • Short dollars in vogue as AfDB follows $4.5bn EIB sale

    Investors are still hungry to put their money to work in short dated dollars after a bumper last week, with the European Investment Bank on Tuesday set to price a $4.5bn three year bond and the African Development Bank mandating for a two year benchmark.

    • 18 Oct 2016
  • EIB out for dollar threes, others likely to stay short

    The European Investment Bank was first into the dollar market this week with a three year mandate, the maturity of choice for dollar issuers over the last few weeks. Export Development Canada last Friday sold the first five year dollar benchmark from SSA in several weeks and, while it went well, bankers do not expect other issuers to follow suit.

    • 17 Oct 2016
  • EIB: rate market divergence can only stretch so far

    The central banks responsible for setting rates for the world’s four core currencies have not been so far apart in their policies since the financial crisis of 2008. The US Federal Reserve is in a rate rising cycle — albeit a very slow one — the Bank of England is embarking on another round of quantitative easing, the European Central Bank has added corporate bonds to its purchasing programme and the Bank of Japan is attempting to control not just short-term interest rates but long-term ones too.

    • 06 Oct 2016
  • EIB doubles up with euros and sterling

    The European Investment Bank hit the screens twice on Wednesday, printing long dated euros and tapping a sterling line.

    • 05 Oct 2016
  • Rate market divergence can only go so far — EIB

    The monetary policies of developed market central banks may be heading in different directions, but the extent to which rate markets can truly diverge is limited, according to the EIB. But the whims of central banks — imagined or otherwise — can still do harm and good to bond markets

    • 05 Oct 2016
  • EIB EUR500M 0.5% Nov 37 green bond

    • 29 Sep 2016
  • Trump risks smother Mexican peso duration

    The volatility of the Mexican peso is causing investors to keep away from long term debt in the currency.

    • 29 Sep 2016
  • EIB prints longest ever green bond

    The European Investment Bank has pushed the green bond curve out to the unprecedented length of 21 years with a new issue on Wednesday.

    • 28 Sep 2016
  • SSA tempo slows ahead of risky fourth quarter

    The ebullient tone that characterised the first three weeks of September has faded as investors begin to fret over the US presidential election on November 8, but there is still life in the SSA market.

    • 28 Sep 2016
  • MuniFin enters ever evolving green market

    Municipality Finance has made its long awaited entrance into the green bond market with a dollar five year on the same day that a new green exchange launched.

    • 27 Sep 2016
  • EU military ambitions have ethical consequences

    The European Union’s newly militaristic tone risks undermining the socially responsible activities of its pet bank.

    • 20 Sep 2016
  • EIB responds to EU defence proposal

    The European Investment Bank has reiterated that it does not finance military infrastructure projects, after a pair of European commissioners suggested altering the supranational's mandate to include funding defence projects.

    • 19 Sep 2016
  • Funding scorecard: European supranationals and agencies

    This week's funding scorecard looks at the progress European supranationals and agencies have made with their funding programmes.

    • 16 Sep 2016
  • EIB builds out public Polish curve

    European Investment Bank has kept its pledge to build a Polish zloty benchmark curve, offering its second ever public deal to the market on Wednesday. The deal was backed by domestic investors, and benefited from a strong order book.

    • 15 Sep 2016
  • EIB turns Maple green

    The European Investment Bank issued a C$500m ($381.5m) green bond on Friday. This is just the second non-Canadian SSA offering in the Maple market this year.

    • 12 Sep 2016
  • EIB, EFSF hit opposite ends in euros

    A pair of issuers printed at the two maturity extremes of what is possible in euro benchmarks this week, as the European Central Bank's governing council on Thursday held back from any dramatic announcements that would have opened up a wider range of issuance possibilities.

    • 08 Sep 2016
  • SSAs find sterling in volume and length

    The sterling market for public sector borrowers woke from its summer slumber with a bang this week, as a series of issuers approached the currency in a variety of ways and for different reasons.

    • 08 Sep 2016
  • Sterling effort! EIB wins fans for reopening 10s

    The European Investment Bank left bankers cheering on Thursday as it found strong demand for the first long end sterling syndication from a supranational for several years.

    • 08 Sep 2016
  • EIB to crack open Canadian dollars via green bond

    The European Investment Bank is set to bring only the second Canadian dollar deal from a non-Canadian SSA this year, selling a five year green bond at a level close to its dollar curve.

    • 08 Sep 2016

EIB data breakdown

Sources: EIB, Dealogic

Credit rating Aaa/AAA/AAA
Basel II risk weighting
boulevard Konrad Adenauer,

EIB data

Dealer League Table EIB

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 19 Oct 2016
1 HSBC 7,570.46 25 10.65%
2 Goldman Sachs 7,006.38 9 9.86%
3 Barclays 6,809.45 19 9.58%
4 JPMorgan 6,729.50 52 9.47%
5 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 5,505.98 27 7.75%
Key officials Philippe de Fontaine Vive Curtaz: vice president
László Baranyay: vice president
Dario Scannapieco: vice president
Magdalena Alvarez Arza : vice president
Jonathan Taylor: vice president
Wilhelm Molterer: vice president
Pim Van Ballekom: vice president
Mihai Tanasescu: vice president
Guarantee EU sovereign shareholders are legally bound to pay callable capital of €221.585bn on EIB demand, if required to meet financial obligations.
Ownership structure The shareholders of the European Investment Bank are the 28 Member States of the European Union. Each Member State’s share in the Bank’s capital is based on its economic weight within the European Union (expressed in GDP) at the time of its accession.

France, Germany, Italy, UK: 16.1% each
Spain:  9.7%
Belgium, Netherlands:  4.5% each
Others:  21.4%
Private placement policy
- Minimum size of $10m eqv.
- Can print interest rate linked and equity index linked structures, but not single stock linked
- Minimum tenor is callable structures with minimum non-call period of one year
- Can print in a wide range of currencies.

European Sovereign Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount €m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 18 Oct 2016
1 Barclays 17,466.08 27 10.19%
2 HSBC 15,533.67 22 9.06%
3 Citi 13,993.72 24 8.16%
4 JPMorgan 13,867.62 25 8.09%
5 Goldman Sachs 12,908.35 21 7.53%

Dollar Denominated SSA (Excl US Agency)

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 17 Oct 2016
1 JPMorgan 46,091.37 152 11.51%
2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 38,815.52 112 9.69%
3 Citi 38,786.33 117 9.69%
4 HSBC 32,794.79 90 8.19%
5 Barclays 28,430.82 77 7.10%

Bookrunners of Euro Denominated SSA (Excl US Agency)

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 18 Oct 2016
1 Barclays 34,193.88 86 8.56%
2 UniCredit 31,679.17 110 7.93%
3 HSBC 29,541.64 106 7.39%
4 JPMorgan 26,804.73 83 6.71%
5 Credit Agricole CIB 26,377.92 74 6.60%

Bookrunners of Global SSA (Excl US Agency)

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 17 Oct 2016
1 JPMorgan 80,689.63 483 7.50%
2 HSBC 75,545.47 296 7.03%
3 Barclays 71,829.66 228 6.68%
4 Citi 69,154.95 234 6.43%
5 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 57,406.56 187 5.34%