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  • P&M Notebook: fill your Basel glass half full

    The Basel Committee’s meeting this week looks like a victory for the industry. But Deutsche Bank has plenty of other things to worry about.

    • 19 Sep 2016
  • P&M Notebook: The bid is back

    Much like the markets themselves, the bid for bankers seems to have roared to life in September, with newly abundant movement in the senior ranks. Much of it is internal, which will provide little comfort to the headhunters, but there’s some hiring action as well.

    • 09 Sep 2016
  • P&M Notebook: Holiday slumber

    JP Morgan announces an exciting new initiative — but everyone who knows what it’s about is on holiday.

    • 19 Aug 2016
  • P&M Notebook: solving the Miz-stery

    Mizuho's FIG expansion is back on track.

    • 15 Aug 2016
  • P&M Notebook: HSBC's new boss

    GlobalCapital has never worked for Matthew Westerman, but when a new boss comes in, the same sorts of things happen everywhere.

    • 07 Aug 2016
  • P&M Notebook: Keep smiling

    After what feels like forever, investment banks are starting to report numbers that look a little less dreadful. Except Deutsche Bank, obviously.

    • 01 Aug 2016
  • P&M Notebook: Banks make money when things happen

    Has everyone overdone the hand-wringing about the future of the fixed income trading business? The investment banks that reported results this week all managed decent numbers in their bonds and currencies businesses, thanks to record volumes associated with the UK referendum on membership of the European Union.

    • 22 Jul 2016
  • P&M Notebook: What are you going to do about Brexit?

    Results season kicks off, and the market is desperate for Brexit wisdom. Meanwhile, UniCredit is just getting on with it.

    • 18 Jul 2016
  • P&M Notebook: Brexit McBrexitface

    So it’s one week after the chaotic morning of Brexit, and remarkably little has been clarified. Markets panicked then calmed down, the only grown-up left in Britain (a Canadian ex-Goldman banker) promised more cheap money, but the future of the City isn’t any clearer.

    • 01 Jul 2016
  • P&M Notebook: All Brexit, all the time

    It’s been hard to concentrate on anything but Brexit for the last week. All the predictions of doom and gloom seemed overblown on Thursday night, but it’s been wall to wall chaos since Friday morning. Now the very future of financial markets in the UK is in question, with thousands of jobs, bank structures, and financial regulation all hanging in the balance.

    • 27 Jun 2016

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