Latest RMB investment news

  • RMB internationalisation outlook: Hedge your bets

    There is little doubt the RMB had a tough 12 months. But despite the headwinds, China has managed to push through landmark reforms to the capital account and more initiatives are in store for 2017. In the first part of this outlook, market participants discuss how RMB internationalisation (RMBi) will benefit from opening up of onshore hedging products and the far-reaching impact of recently-established New York hub.

    • 13 Jan 2017
  • RMB round-up: cross-border RMB trade collapses in 2016, China FX turnover remains dollar-centric, new China ETF launches in London

    In this round-up, RMB-denominated cross-border trade settlement suffers a big setback in 2016, turnover in the Chinese interbank foreign exchange (FX) markets revolves almost entirely around dollar trades, and GF International launches a China A-shares fund on the London Stock Exchange. Plus a recap of our coverage.

    • 13 Jan 2017
  • RQFII quota lands on Irish shores

    Irish funds could soon be making waves in China’s onshore capital markets thanks to a Rmb50bn ($7.2bn) Renminbi Qualified Institutional Investor (RQFII) quota awarded to Ireland this week.

    • 22 Dec 2016
  • BlackRock nabs inaugural US RQFII licence

    BlackRock has been awarded the first Renminbi Qualified Institutional Investor (RQFII) licence in the US this week providing further momentum to America's push in RMB internationalisation.

    • 15 Dec 2016
  • RQFII poised to end 2016 in disappointment

    The renminbi qualified foreign institutional investor (RQFII) scheme is set to end 2016 on a disappointing note with the combined value of quotas awarded amounting to roughly half of last year’s total.

    • 13 Dec 2016
  • CIBM: The Lux factor

    The Luxembourg financial regulator has decided to allow Ucits funds registered in the country to enter the China interbank bond market direct access (CIBM Direct) scheme. The move is set to give yet another boost to China bond investments.

    • 08 Dec 2016
  • CIBM Direct swings into gear

    The first official list shows that investors have been keen to gain access to the China interbank bond market (CIBM). This is only the start with banks reporting strong demand from asset managers, while regulators are working hard to facilitate further inflows.

    • 08 Dec 2016
  • Shenzhen Connect: slow start but bright future

    The first day of trading on the long hailed Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect ended in a whimper, with just a fifth of the daily net trading quota used up. But Charles Li, chief executive of the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) was clear the bridge will serve its purpose in the long run.

    • 06 Dec 2016
  • This week in renminbi: December 5, 2016

    The week begins with the long-awaited launch of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, while in the foreign exchange (FX) markets the RMB volatility led to a new record in RMB futures traded on the Singapore Exchange in November.

    • 05 Dec 2016
  • RMB round-up: Trade settlement loses ground, RQFII adds Thai first, Shenzhen Connect stocks

    In this round, up, cross-border RMB trade settlement falls further in Hong Kong, the RMB qualified foreign institutional investor (RQFII) scheme adds the first Thai asset manager, and the Hong Kong Exchange confirms the final list of stocks available through Shenzhen Connect from December 5. Plus, a recap of our weekly coverage.

    • 02 Dec 2016

RMB investment news archive

Panda Bonds Top Arrangers

Rank Arranger Total Volume Rmb (m) No. of Deals Share % by Volume
1 Bank of China (BOC) 8,500 7 18.01
2 Everbright Securities 8,000 2 16.95
3 Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) 5,000 4 10.59
4 HSBC 3,300 3 6.99
5 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 3,000 3 6.36

Bookrunners of Asia-Pac (ex-Japan) ECM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 11 Jan 2017
1 Haitong Securities Ltd 1,383.79 4 25.02%
2 Guotai Junan Securities Co Ltd 675.24 3 12.21%
3 China Securities Co Ltd 572.35 3 10.35%
4 CITIC Securities 476.38 2 8.61%
5 BNP Paribas 316.68 1 5.73%

Bookrunners of Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) G3 DCM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 11 Jan 2017
1 Citi 1,872.68 2 18.70%
2 Goldman Sachs 1,493.92 2 14.92%
3 Nomura 998.19 1 9.97%
3 JPMorgan 998.19 1 9.97%
5 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 905.93 2 9.05%

Asian polls & awards

  • China Private Banking Awards 2017

    China’s private banking industry is growing in leaps and bounds. High- and ultra-high-net-worth mainland customers are increasingly mobile, demanding best-in-class service from their financial providers. Banks are adapting to the changing world, rolling out innovative and sophisticated services to their high-end clientele. In recognition of China’s advances in the field, Asiamoney is proud to announce the winners of its awards for best mainland private banks for 2016.

  • Corporate Governance Poll 2016: Time to get serious

    Asia has taken its time in improving corporate governance standards, with experts agreeing on the need for broader action. But Taiwan and Hong Kong firms seem to be moving in the right direction, as shown in the results of this year's Asiamoney Corporate Governance poll. Paolo Danese reports.

  • Best Managed Company Awards 2016: Asia’s finest stand out

    Asiamoney is pleased to present its choices for Asia’s Best Managed Companies in 2016. In a year marked by political and economic upheaval, the region’s best firms and executives impressed on through a combination of factors including financial performance, innovation and strategic execution.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: The right call

    Analysts in Asia are used to dealing with dynamic and unpredictable markets but the events of this year provided a real test of mettle. Against a backdrop of global political upheaval and worsening economic outlook at home, the winners of Asiamoney’s 2016 Brokers Poll have proved they have what it takes to impress their clients.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: HSBC and CLSA take the crown as Asia’s best

    Asia’s brokerages have needed to stay nimble in the face of volatile markets and changing regulation that has tested their industry. HSBC and CLSA are well placed to meet the challenge after coming out top in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll. Peter McGill reports.