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  • Taikang Insurance seals China's first FIG outing in 2017

    Taikang Insurance Group had no problem finding demand for its debut, gathering $2.4bn worth of orders at its peak for a $800m bond on Wednesday. The deal is only the second from a Chinese name and the first from a financial credit in Asia ex-Japan in the New Year.

    • 12 Jan 2017
  • BPCE gears up for first senior non-preferred deal in yen

    BPCE has filed documentation allowing it to issue total-loss absorbing capacity (TLAC) eligible senior bonds in the Samurai market, and the first ever yen-denominated non-preferred issue could arrive as early as next week.

    • 12 Jan 2017
  • Sumitomo returns to euros for second bite of holdco cherry

    Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG) was looking to sell a five year bond from its holding company on Wednesday, remaining the only Japanese ‘mega bank’ to look to euros for its total loss-absorbing capacity (TLAC) requirements.

    • 11 Jan 2017


  • Wake up, FCA: active managers are the market

    There may be grounds for criticising the UK’s asset management industry, as the Financial Conduct Authority has done this week. Finding that price competition among active managers is weak, it proposes new regulations to make charges and policies clearer.

    • 24 Nov 2016

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  • Debut NBC Panda takes Belt and Road route

    National Bank of Canada became the first North American lender to sell a Panda bond on Wednesday, raising Rmb3.5bn ($517m) from a three year note. What stood out, however, was not the deal execution but how the lender managed to convince the regulators that the sale aligns with China’s Belt and Road initiative.

    • 03 Nov 2016

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  • Spanish supply hoped for as spreads squeeze tighter again

    Spanish and French covered bonds were well supported on Monday with further buying reported following demand seen last week. With only one Spanish Cédulas seen so far this year, the market should be receptive to more supply.

    • 23 Jan 2017
  • LBBW mandates for three year covered in dollars

    LBBW has mandated leads for its first dollar covered bond benchmark of the year. The public sector-backed Reg S transaction is expected to be launched in the near future.

    • 23 Jan 2017

More from Asia

Panda Bonds Top Arrangers

Rank Arranger Share % by Volume
1 Bank of China (BOC) 18.01
2 Everbright Securities 16.95
3 Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) 10.59
4 HSBC 6.99
5 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 6.36

Bookrunners of Asia-Pac (ex-Japan) ECM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 18 Jan 2017
1 Haitong Securities Ltd 1,602.34 9 13.94%
2 CITIC Securities 1,474.17 4 12.82%
3 China Securities Co Ltd 1,440.03 7 12.53%
4 Bank of China 1,188.86 5 10.34%
5 Guotai Junan Securities Co Ltd 689.79 3 6.00%

Bookrunners of Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) G3 DCM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 18 Jan 2017
1 Citi 2,440.79 8 6.09%
2 HSBC 1,887.35 9 4.71%
3 JPMorgan 1,754.71 7 4.38%
4 Goldman Sachs 1,692.30 4 4.22%
5 Morgan Stanley 1,418.69 3 3.54%

Asian polls & awards

  • China Private Banking Awards 2017

    China’s private banking industry is growing in leaps and bounds. High- and ultra-high-net-worth mainland customers are increasingly mobile, demanding best-in-class service from their financial providers. Banks are adapting to the changing world, rolling out innovative and sophisticated services to their high-end clientele. In recognition of China’s advances in the field, Asiamoney is proud to announce the winners of its awards for best mainland private banks for 2016.

  • Corporate Governance Poll 2016: Time to get serious

    Asia has taken its time in improving corporate governance standards, with experts agreeing on the need for broader action. But Taiwan and Hong Kong firms seem to be moving in the right direction, as shown in the results of this year's Asiamoney Corporate Governance poll. Paolo Danese reports.

  • Best Managed Company Awards 2016: Asia’s finest stand out

    Asiamoney is pleased to present its choices for Asia’s Best Managed Companies in 2016. In a year marked by political and economic upheaval, the region’s best firms and executives impressed on through a combination of factors including financial performance, innovation and strategic execution.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: The right call

    Analysts in Asia are used to dealing with dynamic and unpredictable markets but the events of this year provided a real test of mettle. Against a backdrop of global political upheaval and worsening economic outlook at home, the winners of Asiamoney’s 2016 Brokers Poll have proved they have what it takes to impress their clients.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: HSBC and CLSA take the crown as Asia’s best

    Asia’s brokerages have needed to stay nimble in the face of volatile markets and changing regulation that has tested their industry. HSBC and CLSA are well placed to meet the challenge after coming out top in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll. Peter McGill reports.